Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition



Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition

1. Clic Wallet

When I first watched the promotional video for the Clic wallet I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but think that every time they “clicked” to open the wallet it resembled a banana opening up with the skin peeled back. Once I got over my hysterical laughing fit I managed to evaluate this wallets potential property and honestly think its quite cool.

It not only has the banana peel effect for storing and accessing your cards easily but is also made from a combination of polyester and elastic. I look forward to seeing this wallet in the future but for now i’m firmly on the fence. Click here for more information.

2. Fuze Card

While not exactly a wallet the Fuze Card does a great job and trying to replace your entire wallet in just a single card sized device. Currently the Fuze has had incredible crowdfunding success destroying its funding target of 50K by over 1000%. The Fuze claims you can holds up to 30 Credit, Debit, or Gift Cards on a single device. While being proven to work at retail locations worldwide its hard to really find any faults with the Fuze. My only concern would be the price but regardless i’m looking forward to this gem. Back today on IndieGoGo.

3. Zillion Wallet

What I really like about the Zillion (apart from the cool wallet) is their original and funny Kickstarter video that, honestly, kicks the ass of all the typical and generic advertising videos were used to. The guys did a really great job with the marketing there (see below) but the wallet isn’t to be overlooked either.

Recently i’ve began to see a lot of wallets start focusing on the ability to charge their phones on the move. This was a smart and honestly over due feature needed in wallets as smart phones get bigger and we have a bigger need for longer battery life. The Zillion does exactly that and in a nice subtle way. Grab your Zillion wallet today.


Although it may sound like a Pokemon the CHAARGO it does have an okay appearance with the capabilities of charing your phone. Unfortunately the CHAARGO is completely overshadowed by the Zillion which is more attractive, slimmer and with more functions. If the CHAARGO was just a little bit quicker of the mark then it could have done well, but at this moment I won’t be wasting my time here.

5. Arceo Wallet

The uniquest wallet on our list today. This futuristic looking Carbon fibre wallet takes static and ridged wallets to the next level. Usually with hard material wallets they suffer from the issues of an inflexible material. Luckily Arceo thought about this and made a very innovative and well thought out wallet. I like it a lot and wish them the best of luck!

Other Crowdfunding Wallets

  • Bee Case – Fun little phone case wallet. Another funny video.
  • Carbon Classic – A simple bifold made from Carbon Fibre. Done incredibly well on Kickstarter but I don’t see the appeal myself.
  • ZHIPI – Big travel wallet with a distinctive array of designs.

A-Slim Machete | Unboxing & Review



The A-Slim Machete. A True Combination of Material and Style.

A-Slim has always been a brand i’ve had in my own personal radar and this month I finally got my hands on a selection of their wallet offering. With a distinct eye for detail and a well thought out brand I went in with a gung-ho attitude and I wasn’t disappointed with the first wallet I decided to use.

Look & Feel

The A-Slim Machete is something of great beauty. It’s fundamental design and functionality is very simple in practice but what it excels in is it’s ease of use and amazing design, touch and feel. Designed like your traditional leather bi fold the material is something that stood out to me immediately. Being made from a soft touch leather material really gives it a premium look and feel. The material has unique and natural patina which, again, adds to it’s unique individuality as a wallet. The inside is also lined with a great rustic design which further adds to its attractive look. As far as designs go I find it hard to find something as attractive or well built.

The Machete is also available in a huge range of colours to satisfy all your customisation needs. As you can see I got my hands on the raw tan version but it also comes in 9 old colours ranging from green through to oxblood or mustard.


As for it’s functionality the A-Slim Machete goes back to the basics. With 4 individual slots for cards I found the machete can hold a maximum of 8 cards (2 cards per slot) although I found it best with 1 per slot or 4 total. The final feature is a long roomy back slot dedicated entirely for note storage. Since the A-Slim range is built in the UK it fits all currency types with ease with no issues. This is great for people who are still heavy carriers of physical cash as it provides ample room why still being a very slim wallet. All in all although the A-Slim Machete doesn’t bring any new or quick access features to the table it shouldn’t take away from a nice degree of functions in an attractive little package.


Final Verdict

The A-Slim is a great wallet an unique design that fails to compare to other leather bifolds. If you’re looking for the all singing and dancing wallet then the Machete probably isn’t for you. Nevertheless for a great price, built quality and size I think the A-Slim could be the perfect wallet for you.

For more information regarding the Machete please visit their website here or Facebook. Alternatively stay tuned for their other wallet reviews coming very soon.

Herschel Wallets | A Brand Overview & Review

charlie wallet


How good are Herschel Wallets? Thoughts from an expert

Herschel as known to be a huge ratailer of mens and women’s fashion across the world. While being a supplier of nearly everything one accessory they do, that can be overlooked, is their range of men’s wallets. As someone who prefers to focus on smaller independent wallet brands I thought it was time to try out the some of the big guys. Those brands who supply wallets but among other clothing goods as well.

A quick history lesson

Herschel was founded in 2008 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel Supply Co. adopted the name of the town where three generations of their family grew up. Based in Vancouver, Canada Herschel Supply Co. is a design driven global accessories brand that produces quality products with a fine regard for detail.

The Range of Wallets

The great thing about Herschel is they offer a range of different price ranges so everybody can find something they can afford. With prices starting at £15.00 and skyrocketing all the way to £91.00 the sheer range is something to be desired and you’ll be unlucky not to find something you like to look of.

Taylor Wallet

One of my favourite wallets for example is the Taylor wallet. This wallet with its distinct appearance is made from a striped fabric material with a leather lining. Its nothing special in terms of its functionality (it basically mirrors a typical bifold) but for its £35.00 price tag it is a strong attractive and comfortable wallet. You’ll find a common theme among the range at Herschel. The crosshatched rustic fabric material is used in a variety of their wallets is very durable and adds a level of comfort to the wallet.

Charlie Wallet

Another wallet that needs a mention is the Charlie Wallet. This very slim pouch type wallet is great quality and perfect for minimalist lovers. What makes the Charlie different from other wallets of this style (a lot exist) is the range of colours and styles that exist. As the material is made from fabric is allows for printing of intricate designs which is a nice touch for people who love colour and personalisation.

Functionality & Usability

One downside to the Herschel wallet range is their lack of original or innovative functionality. What you simply get is what we’ve always had throughout history. Some card slots and a place for cash. They’ve done no attempt to add additional features like quick access slots which shows a lack of imagination in my mind.

Final Verdict

Although i’ve not talked about one specific wallet in this review I must say that the Herschel wallets I did try are very nice, attractive and come at an affordable price. With a strong brand to back them up and a unique style I personally believe Herschel wallets are very good. Just make sure you choose wisely. To look at the full list of Herschel wallets available click here.

Allett Ultra Slim Coin Wallet | Review & Overview



The Allett Slim Coin Wallet. Everyday’s an Adventure!

It’s not often I get to review wallets specifically tailored towards people who love the outdoors or the adventurous type. The Allett Slim Coin is for those people exactly and I’ve been waiting for a time to use this wallet to it’s full potential. Luckily for me I finally went on a short weekend camping so I knew this might be the only opportunity I get to use it to its full potential. 


Look & Appearance

The first thing to note is the sheer size of the Allett. This wallet is by no means slim in terms of it’s height and width. Coming in at (9.5cm x 12.7cm x .3cm) it easily tops one of the largest wallets I’ve ever reviewed to date. On the other hand it’s actual thickness while empty or full of cards is incredibly thin. This is very good for both easy access and minimising your daily carry when out and about in the wilderness.

The Allett itself is made from a very thin yet strong nylon. The material isn’t exactly nice to the touch but it does have a rustic and organic look to it that I and others might like. What the material does add is great protection to the outside elements. While on my trip I had been hiking on multiple occasions and found it’s protection and security perfect. For added testing purposes I deliberately left the wallet out in both rain along with throwing the Allett in a variety of mud, leaves and sticks. Again the protection is fantastic and the nylon material is extremely easy to clean.


The Allett can hold a seriously large amount of cash and cards. If you’re worried about fitting your country’s banknotes then don’t be. The Allett has the biggest note slot I have ever come across and had not issue in story large amounts of bills. This pocket is also very deep (that’s what she said) which means cash can be well hidden along with being protected. The Allett can also hold up to 24 cards which is the largest amount i’ve ever come across in an easy to use systemic way. Cards are stored across 4 separate slots each with a maximum capacity of 6 cards. The larger size of the Allett does help but it’s clear design really is the knockout feature here.

Another nice addition to the Allett is its inclusion of a dedicated coin pouch. This is a rather very necessary inclusion for a adventure wallet. It uses a simple ziplock mechanism for security and can store a decent amount of coins easily without getting to heavy or bulky.


The Wallet uses Velcro to fasten it shut

Final Verdict

Overall the Allett is a strong wallet for those who frequently find themselves outdoors and need added protection and storage to tackle the elements. I don’t think I can recommend this wallet for normal everyday use, mainly because of it’s size, but at only $20 it might not be a had shout if you like its look and larger size. You can grab your Allett wallet here from their website or Facebook here. 

Wingback Cash Wallet | Review



The Wonders of the Wingback

Every so often a wallet comes along which rewrites what defines a traditional wallet. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to review many wallets from Kickstarter and across the world and it’s been awhile since I’ve found a wallet i was so excited to use. The Wingback elicited that very excitement in me almost like a child at christmas and when it finally arrived in the mail I was not disappointed. The whole package, branding and all, oozed a luxury and as I peeled and open the custom packaging (it had my name on it!) I knew this was going to be good. A minimalist wallet to remember.

A brief history in time

The Wingback came into fruition from a success Kickstarter campaign.. This managed to raise over £50,000 in funding, a truly staggering amount. This really does say it all and my initial thoughts on the Wingback fantastic appearance. What I like about the wingback is it really takes the core of a wallet developed, a thought out wallet that simply does everything very well. Like any wallet it has it pros and cons but the wingback does it in a way which you almost don’t mind the downsides because what it does best is all you care about.

Look & Design

The wingback is incredibly beautiful. When you analyse the way it’s built close up you quickly release the sheer effort and craftsmanship that went into building it and it really gives a genuine feel of a high quality item. The leather is a full grain thick leather feels and looks amazing while maintaining an incredible smell day after day. In fact the leather is so good quality you have to go through a process of “breaking in” like with shoes to work the leather and make it more manageable and flexible when in use. I can only really describe the leather used as thick and effective.

The Cash wallet comes in 5 different colours, each one as unique as the next. The colours are a mixed bunch which is nice move to give people a chance to find a colour they enjoy. I personally got the standard Chestnut brown but the Wingback is also available in Charcoal black, Whisky (light brown), Chili (red) and Cognac (Orange). A nice range with a great variety for everyone’s individual tastes. Its also worth mentioning that Wingback also allow for custom engravings on the leather (£10+) on both the inside and out. A nice addition for those who want personalisation.


The wingback is very simple on paper but in practice it’s a functional design with emphasis on minimalism and ease of use. It holds between 4-6 cards and a maximum of 20 notes. Notes are a big deal with the wingback and the majority of the functionality comes down to an incredibly easy way to store and access notes at ease. As previously mentioned the wingback has a folding design. Leather wraps around a central piece to create a wrapper that securely seals the wallet together. Cash is basically spun around the leather and can be accessed with a simple pull. It really is incredibly simple, easy and effective in use and I can’t recommend it more for accessing your notes.

This combined with a metal fastener and you have a very secure and easy to use wallet. The fastener is something i’ve not seen used in a wallet for a long time so it needs a special mention.  The metal fastener is beautifully machined cap, and cut from a solid block of brass or stainless steel to give it a classy look. I love the finish on it and it really does help give that piece of mind that cash and cards are secure.



I’ve been using the Wingback none stop for over 2 weeks now and I it’s been great. Cash is easy to store while cards are stored using the typical stacking method. Not the best as it can be fiddly accessing your cards this way but far better compared to other wallets on the market. The wallet fits in the pocket nicely and is a perfect size for minimalist lovers.

Final Verdict

The Wingback wallet is a fantastic wallet for those who want style, ease of use all within a compact size. I would highly recommend this wallet to most but would suggest it more to those who always carry lots of notes on them. At a price of £60 it’s surprisingly affordable and I knew, based of other wallets, that they could have easily made it more expensive. If you would like more information on Wingback’s latest wallet then visit their Kickstarter campaign here or check out their website.

Modest Mark Wallet | Review & Overview

modest mark brown

modest mark brown

A Ultra Slim Cardholder Wallet for the Minimalist in you

The Modest Mark wallet is something which I find difficult to evaluate. On one hand the design is something that i’ve seen before. Its nothing new in terms of its look and functionality. On the other hand I find it very increasingly difficult to criticise the wallet for anything as it does its job as a stylish, functional and attractive minimalist wallet very very well. The Modest Mark really doesn’t disappoint and although it suffers from some common issues (which we’ll discuss) I find it a very enjoyable wallet to use.

Design & Look

The design of the Mark Wallet is one which combines both leather, on the front, wrapped in canvas material. The high quality crazy horse leather really gives the wallet a great luxury appearance, and great feel. The cut out triangle which mirrors Modest Marks logo also adds a unique design feature as well as acting primarily as a quick access slot for cards stored in the very front. Attractive and functional!

The remainder of the wallet is made up of a fairly rough feeling canvas material. This is also where the various colour design variations come into play. Modest Mark give you a choice of 4 standard colours (perhaps more with funding options). These include Royal Blue, Maroon, Jet black and ash grey. I personally used the Maroon and it’s a great unique colour that was a nice change.

modest mark range

Functionality & Usability

In practice the Mark works very much like a typical minimalist wallet. I found it has a total capacity of 5 cards with 2 in the front and 3 in the back. You can indeed fit more but it would be a squeeze and suffers from the normal card bulking issue we’ve all grown to love (or hate). Nevertheless in general the wallet has been very pleasant to use, with no glaring issues with day to day use and a nice feel in your front or back pocket.

One issue I did find though, with the canvas, is how secure cards are within their respective  slots. The front slot is not the issue but I found the back slot, made from canvas, very loose and could feel the cards moving around quite easily. I tried shaking the wallet and with some force the 2 cards I had stored did fall out. As you store more cards, (say 3 or 4) it naturally becomes tighter so this issue doesn’t occur. Just something to keep in mind and it shouldn’t deter you from this great wallet.


The Modest Mark is a great wallet for men looking for an attractive and affordable slim wallet. It simply does everything at an above satisfactory level and it far exceeded my expectations in use during my daily carry. I find it my favorite ultra slim and thin minimalist wallet in 2017 so take that as you will. As well as this you can grab yourself this wallet for only $25.00 (with 10% off if you sign up to their mailing list) a very affordable price compared to other wallets on the market today.
The Mark is still in it’s crowdfunding phase so please support the wallet. Also the guys at modest mark were kind enough to give us not 1 but 3 Mark wallets for our May Giveaway. Remember to sign up today for your chance to win today by clicking here.