Voyager Smart Wallet Review – Designed by Cuir Ally


In Brief:

  • The Voyager Smart is a large bifold wallet with the ability to pair to your smartphone to help you find it if lost
  • It’s great for travelers wanting extra room for a passport and pen
  • The size of the wallet will make it less appealing for daily carry

Are larger wallets back in fashion?

The Voyager is a large, bifold style wallet designed with the frequent traveller in mind. Perhaps it’s most notable feature is it’s ability to be paired with a smartphone, which helps you find your wallet if it is lost.



As you’d expect from a smart/travel wallet this wallet puts heavy emphasis on the features both in terms of its capacity for storage and its inbuilt tech integrations. The Cuir Ally Voyager is made for individuals who probably travel around quite a bit and want an all inclusive storage item for carrying everything important to them in their day to day life. This can be seen by the inclusion of a large pocket for storing your passport or a small notebook. The wallet comes with a very nicely made notebook and a pen for taking notes when out and about.


Capacity & Practicality

The Voyager has a bunch of features you wouldn’t normally find on a wallet due to it’s increased size. The first one would be the inclusion of a note book. This slides nicely into the left hand section of the wallet and also includes a very nice slim pen. The wallet also does a good job of being, well, a wallet. With multiple card slots cascading up and down, hidden and plane in sight the Voyager doesn’t shy away from being a jack of all trades. Whether not you enjoy this “all in yo face” mentality is down to you, but you can’t deny they have tried. 

The Smart Features

THe Voyager comes integrated with what’s known as Chipolo Plus. A small device which lies embedded within the wallet. This device is what gives the Voyager its smart functionality. Once you’ve downloaded the app and paired your phone with the device the Chipolo gives you some nice little functionality. Its main feature incorporates greater security. With an inbuilt tracking device no matter where your wallet is you’ll be able to load up the app and see the location of your wallet.

Along with this you also get the feature to find either your wallet or phone if you’ve lost them near by. I think we’ve all been in that situation where we’re pulling up couch cushions trying to find your phone. With a simple double tap of your Chipolo your phone should instantly start ringing for you to hopefully find. Alternatively if you’ve lost your wallet you can do the same but in reverse by clicking a button in the app.

The Chipolo is a smallish round type object and although its concealed quite well you can still feel and notice it within the wallet. Perhaps that’s intentional as you will have to activate it by pressing it. This will active a noise which symbolises the smart features are ready to use.


The installation

The first step in using the Chipolo Plus’ features is to install the app on you iphone or android device. Download the app from either the apple app store or Play store and follow the simple setup process. What’s great about the Chipolo is it literally only takes seconds to set up, and is really intuitive.

Look & Appearance

As previously mentioned this wallet isn’t for somebody looking to slim down. With that being said from the outside the wallet doesn’t really have any distinguishable features that makes it stand out. All in all the wallet looks like a typical leather bi fold and that’s what you get. That being said the quality, look and feel are amazing. A job well done I think.

The range of colours are also a nice touch in trying to create a distinctive product which allows room for users to individually choose a wallet which fits their personality. These colours include your classic colours such as black and brown but also a range of others colours including:

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Black


I’m very impressed with the range of functionality that the Cuir Ally Voyager. My main issue will always come back to its size. Unless you want to carry your wallet in a bag, briefcase or have access to large coat pockets, it’s just not viable to easily carry this wallet around. As a site dedicated to minimalist wallets I was reluctant to even write a review on this wallet. Nevertheless I think if you’re the type of individual who likes to travel and needs room for his passport, and tickets. Coming in at £69 is very reasonable for what you get. Some people who pay that, or more, for a wallet will less functionality so its very enticing to say the least! 

For more information regarding the Voyager wallet visit their website today here, or visit their social media pages on Twitter and Facebook.

Zenlet Wallet | Review

zenlet wallet black

zenlet wallet black

The Zenlet Wallet | Sleek & Simple

The Zenlet wallet is quite unique compared to the majority of wallets we get seen thrown around these days. The time of big standard leather bifolds is well and truly dead. The first thing to note is the wallets slimline and striped back design. Zenlet, as a philosophy, state how a large proportion of their motivation behind this wallet is down to a need and longing for simplicity. The Zenlet definably achieves this. With its attractive curves and sleek design it’s hard to not like the way this wallet looks and its design definitely acts as its best selling point.

zenlet wallet black


The wallet works on a “slide and grab” system. You simply side open the wallet while quickly and easy cascades your cards in an easy to access and functional way. Within this compartment you’re also expected to store any notes or additional items like receipts.  I found this quite cumbersome having to store every item in one dedicated area. It wasn’t as quick or fluid as I’d of liked when crammed full items other than cards. Nevertheless, the ease of use, with accessing cards, is top notch and is one indicative of a well throughout design and model. Good job lads.

The wallet can store between 4 – 7 easily, has RFID protection, and auto sorting technology. Below are some more tech-specs for those who want a more detailed breakdown:

  • Weather Resistance
  • Functionality: Cards, Money, Receipts, Keys, Coins, Small Objects
  • Scratchproof
  • RFID security
  • 100% Recyclable

Final Verdict

I’m both impressed and underwhelmed by the Zenlet wallet. It’s definitely more of a cardholder than a wallet and while its core feature is great its very much carried by its slender and attractive design. If you’re looking for a hard-cased wallet with an attractive design i’d highly consider the Zenlet. If not then i’d recommend staying clear and looking for something equally as attractive but with better functionality. The Zenlet Wallet comes in at a large $55.33 so make sure you’re confident before you splash the cash!

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Ekster Slim Wallet Review

ekster wallet

Ekster Slim Wallet Review: Smart Technology Meets Rustic Design

The Ekster Wallet began life as a crowdfunding success story if I ever saw one. While being 100 funded in just 15 hours, raising over $75,000 the Ekster slim or minimalist wallet is one of the top 3 most funded wallets in history. So what makes the Ekster so unique? Well along with being highly attractive, and multi-functional this wallet is considered one of the very first smart wallets. That being a wallet which is tied in with some form of technology. In the case of the Ekster, you can track the whereabouts of your wallet helping eliminate the potential of losing it. More about this later.



The Ekster is a bifold leather wallet which the capability of holding over 12 cards (12 comfortably 15 at a push) as well as a range of other items such as coins. While available in 3 colours (brown, black and steel blue) the wallet has a range of features including RFID protection for up to 5 cards and syncing capabilities with their own dedicated mobile app. This app acts as a safety mechanism so no matter where you leave or lose your wallet, you’ll be able to find it.

Check out this graphic which gives a mini overview of what the wallet offers.

Ekster Wallet

Look & Feel

The Ekster wallet is definitely very pleasing on the eye. While being made from a highly quality leather it provides a satisfying touch and gives the look of a well-made quality product. The only gripe I can say about the wallet (which is a personal one at that) is the wallet doesn’t stand out in its appearance. Sure it’s attractive but it’s kind of generic, and as my search for the perfect wallet goes on I find myself interested in a unique design or material. But don’t let this put you off. This is still way above average in my subjective appearance scale. 

ekster wallet brown

Personal Experience

What really makes the wallet stand out for me was its ease of use combined with its superior functionality. I found its capacity for card and cash storage was second to none and I didn’t have any problems with bulking or cards getting jammed or stuck. Its uniquely designed friction mechanism prevents your cards from falling out of your wallet while allowing for incredibly easy access. A+


The only real disappointment of this wallet comes down to its price. At a hefty $99 (for the cheaper model) the wallet definitely qualifies for the premium category of wallets as the majority of people would be unwilling to purchase a wallet at this price range. Never the less the wallet truly is a fantastic example of a slim yet highly functional wallet. If you do have a spare $100 to spend on a wallet then you could do a lot worse than to invest it in an Ekster.

Final Verdict

A fantastic wallet with amazing functionality. Not crazy about the design, with a steep price tag. Never the less a fantastic wallet for any wallet lover. For more information on the Ekster Wallet and to purchase this wallet check out their website. Alternatively, hit them up on Facebook or on their awesome IndieGoGo page. Stay tuned for my review of the Ekster wallet tracker where I’ll be putting it head to head against the similar Walli Wallet.



Walli Wallet – Spotlight Review

walli wallet review

Walli “smart” Wallet – Technology is the future

The Walli Wallet is a highly successful crowd funded minimalist wallet that raising close to $500,000. With this incredible amount raised, I couldn’t help but write this short overview of what the wallet offers before I can fully get my hands on this unusual wallet.

In a nutshell, the Walli is one of the first “smart” wallets on the market, and definitely the first one I’ve come across. The unique feature of the Walli is its ability to keep track of the whereabouts of your wallet. Thousands of people daily loose their wallets and Walli’s ethos is to help prevent you from losing the most important item you carry around without. The wallet works by connecting to your phone and sending you a notification wherever or whenever you leave it behind! Walli will also notify you if you leave a card behind and even your phone. Here are some of the features of the wallet from their very own Indiegogo page!



How does it work?

Walli connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth to send you instant notifications. Once you connect Walli to your phone, the Walli App – available on Android and iOS  will continuously monitor your wallet activity!

Forgot Your Wallet – The Walli App sends out a notification on your phone once you get too far from it.

SecurePockets – Walli also monitors the pocket you use the most. With our patent pending technology, Walli pockets are smart and send the signal to your phone when your credit card/ID is missing for too long. You can set a timer (through the app), after which the app will notify you about the missing card pocket. This is very useful and makes sure you don’t forget your cards/ID/passport at a restaurant/bar or during travel.

Find Walli – Press a button on the app and if the wallet is nearby will start to ring.

Find Your Phone – If you can’t find your phone and if your phone is within range (<100ft), then a simple double tap on your wallet will set an alarm on your phone even if it’s on silent mode.

Last Known Location– The App remembers the last known location of the wallet in case you miss the notification. You can track it down and navigate back to the place where you lost it.

Battery Technology – Walli does not require charging. A single coin cell battery (CR2032) can last up to 6 months and can be easily replaced. Simply remove the zipper and replace the battery from the hidden piece of hardware. It just takes a minute !

The Wallet – Walli is made of genuine leather and is dust-proof and water splash proof. It has 6 slots for credit card/ID and 2 cash pocket. If you need additional pockets or coin pocket, please take a look at our Walli Card Holder (3 extra slots and 1 transparent ID slot) or Walli Coin Card Holder (2 extra card shot and 1 coin pocket and 1 transparent ID slot). These card holders fit nicely into the wallet giving you additional slots.

For more information visit their IndieGoGowebsite or facebook page.