Top 5 Phone Wallets in 2017


Phone Wallets | Are the Future of Our Wallets in our Cases?

Its no surprise that as time goes on the human race is trying to become more efficient. Phone Wallets are something which have been a long time coming and its only been the last 2 years in which we’ve seen an explosion of Phone Case Wallets on the market. As more and more manufacturers get in on this new craze of hybrid wallets we thought we’d get stuck in a try a range of wallets on our iPhone 6. Now one of the many problems with phone wallets is they might not be available for your specific smartphone model. Luckily, for Apple fans, all phone wallets at least accommodate iPhones as a prerequisite. So without further ado lets take a look at our top 5 highly recommended phone wallets of 2017.

Our Top 5 Phone Case Wallets | 2017 Edition


1. The Literal “Phone Wallet” by Bellroy

Starting at: $99.95

This all in one phone case can easily store up to 4 cards including cash and also dubs as a phone stand so you can easily watch videos and movies on the go. Bellroy is your best bet for the most reputable brand and has shown time and time again the quality can come at an affordable price.

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2. The Distil Union Wally Ether

Starting at: $34.99

This very attractive case has all the power house of a functional wallet. With a slim profile and a handy pull tab the Union Wally by Distil Union is best for those who carry very few cards or wan’t a quick place to store there most used ones. Can store up to 3 cards easily and is well made with premium leather. I recommend this wallet along side having a minimalist wallet as its storage capacity isn’t as large as some other wallets on this list.

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Vofolen Sliding Card

3. Vofolen Phone Case 

Starting at: $15.99

An attractive design, competitive price and great functionality makes the Vofolen a reputable contended for a good case. The sliding mechanism on this case allows for storage of up to 5 cards including cash. The build quality is very strong and the design is defiantly up their in terms of build quality and durability.

You can grab your Vofolen case, for your iPhone, at amazon and also check out the range of different colours that come with it. A great wallet all round that I highly recommend.

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4. Vault Skin Eton Armour

starting at: $34.00

A strong contender for my very favourite case on this list. Its rubber silicone protection feels great and is sturdy, while its wallet capabilities is one of the best. With a section at the back from quick access cash and cards, the case also has an internal slot for even more storage capabilities.

Along with that the wallet is very attractive made from half silicone and leather. The leather is a very attractive while durable. Coming in at a price of $34.00 its by no way cheap. But if you like this style and wan’t something a bit different the Vault Skin might be for you.

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5. Doc Artisan Case Wallet

Starting at: $90.00

A very attractive leather case with sleek curves and design. The great thing about the Artisan is the case acts as a full wrap to also help protect the screen when not in use. As a wallet the front flap hosts 3 defined card slots that each could hold up to 2 cards each for a total of 6. This could also be used as an area for cash.

The leather is a fine genuine leather with a great all round build quality. After using the wallet case for a week I found it very easy to use and once broke in. The only issue you should keep in mind is the case, like most, add additional bulk to the wallet. In the case of the Doc Artisan it felt quite bulky in my pocket.

But be warned this really isn’t a cheap wallet. If you’re unsure if you’d like a case wallet please try something cheaper first.

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Distil Union Wally Case | Review


An Alternative Approach to a Wallet? A Review of the Distil Union Walley Phone Case.

I’m always completely both sceptical and delighted to try out any new form of wallets. Although phone wallets are nothing new, I rarely see any companies developing them in the masses. This leaves great room for new designs and ideas to arise and the folks at Distil Union have done exactly this. On paper the Wally Case serves both as a strong, robust and sturdy case for your iPhone, yet also has the added bonus of wallet-like functionality. Let’s take a look at this wallet a little closer.


Look & Feel

I’m going to focus entirely on the wallet capabilities because I’m no case expert. Never the less as the case forms a huge part of the product I’ll have to give my none expert opinion never the less. The actual case is made from a TPU shock-absorbing material. It’s robust, strong and from my drop tests very resistant. Your iPhone is guaranteed to be protected from small drop and scrapes. As a plastic material, the case doesn’t provide that higher quality feel. However, the actual wallet functionality is made from Premium leather that looks and feels amazing. It has a soft touch feel and compliments the case to provide additional strength while adding a more tactile feel. The Distil Union Walley case is available in 4 colours; Ink (black), Hickory (Brown), Slate (Grey) and Rust (red).


As a wallet, the Walley does a great job at storing a small amount of cash and cards in a very functional way. With a maximum capacity of only 3-4 cards, the Wally would best suit someone who either, wants to switch from a minimalist wallet to NO wallet at all. Or somebody who wan’t to store their most used cards in a more convenient place. The way you access your cards with the Walley is through Distil Unions trademarked Pub-Tab system. Although I’ve used pull tabs in the past the ones produced by Distil Union seem to be of higher quality with much more control and flow between pulling cards in and out. Very clever.

Another interesting thing is the Wally offers room from notes through what it calls a “hidden” bill beneath the case. This acts as a secret yet quick way to access cash when you need it. A nice touch and works well in practice.

Final Verdict

As far as a combination between a phone case and a wallet goes the Wally does a fantastic all round job. Although it won’t replace your wallet for most people, what it will bring is a nice place to quickly access those much-needed cards and cash on the move. Currently available for $39.99. Click here for more information.


The Top 3 Phone Case Wallets

bellroy phone wallet

Phone Case Wallets – Combined your phone and wallet together

As our wallets slim down people are always looking to cut back on the amount of things we carry. With the majority of us now carrying smartphones, the next logical step would be to combine these two must carry items into one, allowing us to cut down on the amount we carry. Here are my top phone case wallets.

phone wallet

Bellroy Phone Wallets

I can’t talk about phone wallets without mentioning Bellroy’s huge range available. I’d say they are pioneering the phone case wallet as it grows in popularity as a great alternative to the classic wallet. With their attractive vintage designs, and innovative storage capabilities Bellroy is a fantastic choice for your first phone wallet. Below is a short list of just a few of the wallets available by Bellroy:

bellroy phone wallet

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Card Ninja

For an even slimmer take on the phone wallet is the Card Ninja style wallets. These ultra slim elastic pockets stick to the back of any smartphone and can hold up to 8 cards. This wallet is best for those people who either carry very little in their wallets or want to use this in combination with a standard wallet to have quick and easy access to your most used credit and debit cards.


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Mujjo Cases

Much like Bellroy the company Mujjo who specialise in phone cases but take a more simplistic approach to storage compared to other brands. These sleek and attractive wallets are a great place to start for those looking for affordable wallets with great looks.

mujjo wallets

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p BAG Nano Suction | Phone Wallet | Kickstarter Spotlight

p bag wallet

p BAG Nano Suction Wallet – Support today on Kickstarter

The p BAG is an innovative wallet that acts in combination with your smartphone to create a hyper-minimalist wallet. I’ve delved into the world of so-called “phone wallets” in the past and most of these act as either entire cases or sleeves which encase the phone entirely. What makes the wallet so different is it simply attaches to the back of your phone eliminating any unnecessary bulk. Phone and wallet simply become one with the p BAG which is awesome.

The p Bag uses nano-suction technology to stick to nearly any surface with ease. On first impressions, the suction felt very strong, but because it doesn’t use any type of adhesive I was worried about the strength of the wallet while stuck to the back of my phone. This is something I’m going to have to trial during my main review. Never the less in my Initial testing the suction is strong, very effective and easy to use.


p bag wallet


The wallet uses a very thin and flexible elastic material like no other I’ve ever seen on a wallet before. This flexibility makes it very easy to insert and remove cards while making the wallet overall more tactile and lightweight. Available in a huge variety of different colours overall the wallet is very attractive.


Another great addition to the p BAG is its RFID protection capabilities that help protect you against those pesky thieves. RFID is something you’d expect every wallet to come with standard these days but you’d be surprised how many don’t.


p Bag RFID

The p BAG is a very unique and innovative wallet. While being the first wallet utilising nano suction as well as its very flexible and easy to use storage capabilities makes this a strong contender for your next wallet. The best thing of all is the price at a very affordable $14.99 or £12.00. Stay tuned for my full review of the wallet coming soon!

In the meantime, why not support the p BAG on Kickstarter. Check out their Facebook here. Remember to stay tuned for my full review coming soon.


Harber London: Smartphone Sleeve Case Wallet


The Rise of the Phone Wallets: Harber London Smartphone Sleeve Review

The Harber Smartphone sleeve is my first experience of a phone case/wallet hybrid. Although I was reluctant, to begin with, to ditch the wallet entirely, I suddenly realised it made a whole lot of sense. I regularly find myself only ever using my debit or credit card. Do I carry club cards? No. Receipts? No. What about cash? Pretty much no. I ended up coming to the realisation that I really only needed 1 thing. My cash cards. So I ditched the wallet and set out with a phone sleeve and one tiny front pocket that fits no more than 2-3 cards.

Why carry 2 items when you can make it one?

The Harber Smartphone Sleeve is very simplistic and it shows in this short review. Made from high-quality cowhide leather the Harber is a fine example of authentic design made with traditional craftsmanship. Inside it hosts an almost rough felt like material which helps clean and protects the screen when not in use. One great thing I noticed about this Harber was how tight the fit is.  Being so snug you never have to worry about bumps and scratches and the wallets leather is thick enough that you can be confident even a large drop would save the phone from any damage. Although this only happens when it protected. To use your phone your must completely expose its naked body to the elements. Dropping it then maybe more problematic.

harber phone wallet black

The sleeve comes in a range of different colours for all your typical smartphone brands. I own the iPhone 5, but they tailor for larger sized phones without increasing the price. Below is the list of various phones supported.

  • Iphone SE
  • Iphone 5 & 5S
  • iPhone 6, 6S & 7
  • iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus and 7 Plus
  • Nexus 6P

The wallet is also available in 3 different colours; brown, black and a nice blue which all look very swish. Check out the images below:

[metaslider id=805]

Functionality as a Wallet

As far as the wallets functionality goes, in this case, it’s very minimal. With only a single front pocket the phone case can only really fit up to 3 cards in it. Soley, for this reason, it’s hard to recommend the wallet as most people have more than this and that doesn’t even take into consideration other items such as cash, or receipts.

All in all a great luxury looking case with minimal wallet capabilities. At a price of £39, it’s quite expensive so I couldn’t possibly recommend the wallet but still enjoyed it never the less.