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Nothing beats the rugged and naturalistic feel of a hardwood wallet in your hands. Wood wallets are for those people who want to substitute functionality for design and feel. Wooden Wallets really are an attractive choice for the right person so take your time, set your budget and discover the best wooden wallets on the market today!

uno wallet

6 Fantastic Wooden Wallets

[spacer height=”15px”] My 6 favourite Wooden Wallets that you didn’t know exist [spacer height=”7px”] Wood. God’s natural gift to this earth. With its smell and unique texture, you can guarantee no one single piece will

Wogenfels Wooden Wallet

Wogenfels Wood Wallet – Overview & Review

How good is the Wogenfels Wooden Wallet: A Full Review The Wogenfels Wood Wallet is an unusual wallet as it paves the way for a new very much unseen type of wallet. Although this wallet

wogenfels wallet

Wogenfels Wood Wallet – Kickstarter Spotlight & Unboxing

The Wogenfels Wood Wallet – A Wallet of Pure Design Having stumbled upon the Wogenfels wallet I was immediately taken back to the time when I purchased my first wooden wallet, the Fusion wallet. And although

Recycled Skateboard Slim Wallet card holder

Recycled Skateboard slim wallet/card holder As a huge supporter of sustainability, I always commend those who try to recycle goods. The skateboard slim wallet is a great example of this incorporated in a wallet as

bamboo grande wallet

Sapling Signature Series Wood Wallet V2

Sapling Wallet Review  When I first discovered the sapling wallet I had mixed feelings about buying it. At $22 the price was good enough for me to go ahead a purchase one of these for

Close up of Fusion Wallet 2 Oak Wood

Fusion Wallet Review: The Wooden & Metal Wonder

What Makes the Fusion Wallet so Great? This wallet truly is a spectacle to behold. Handcrafted from quality aluminium and a variety of hardwood’s the wallet is a true alternative to the traditional billfold we’re used to.