Crabby Wallet Review

Crabby Wallet Review

The crabby wallet is a sleek, extremely thin minimalist wallet made from a very flexible elastic material. Funded successfully on Kickstarter raising funds of over 300K the crabby wallet was one of the most anticipated wallets of its time and  can be viewed as one of the defining wallets in what I like to call the minimalist wallet revolution. The crabby wallet was actually my first minimalist wallet and because of it, it’s fuelled a desire to expand my collect as well as create this website.

The wallet has a number of different features including:

  • Loop band for card security
  • 2 slots. 1 for cash 1 for cards.
  • Flexible design
  • 9 colours to choose from
  • Sleek, durable and hardy

Look and Feel

On first appearance, I felt the wallet lacked the feeling and look of a high-quality item. This seems to be the general consensus of an elastic material as it’s not considered as a luxury or high quality compared to leather wallets. That being said the crabby wallet is durable with sufficient stretch to accommodate a large amount of credit cards and cash. Crabby say you can fit between 1 and 10 cards but I found the wallet could accommodate several more before it started to show any signs of tightness and dis-figuration. As for its appearance, the crabby wallet is nothing special and excels on its small design (it’s only slightly bigger than credit cards) and functionality.



The crabby wallets Exterior dimensions are 10cm X 5cm X 3mm (thickness) and this really shows. This is by far one of the smallest wallets I’ve could across and is one of the best for its overall minimalist feel. While wearing jeans the wallet fits nicely in the pocket while still being noticeable and was easy to access quickly and efficiently whenever I wanted.

The crabby branding is something which you either love or hate. The crab embroidered stitching is something I quite like and is very minimalist. That being said after about 1 month of use I found it actually picks up dirt so washing it might be something worth considering.


One of my major problems with wallets that present the cards in a stacked formation is it’s always difficult to find the cards stuck within the middle. This really isn’t a problem with the crabby wallet but more of an issue with minimalist wallets in general. This is generally the repercussions we must endure for a smaller sized wallet. The wallet comes with an elasticated loop band. This enables you to easily secure your cards and prevent them from falling out. Although very useful I always found that something this can inhibit the time it takes to access your cards. Sometimes it’s annoying to have to put on and take off the elastic loop.








The wallet comes with a claw key chain. This was a nice addition as it enabled me to connect the wallet to my house key which is something I’ve never had from a wallet before. Usually, I would keep my keys in my bag or car but this was a nice feature that added some unique individuality that standard wallets whatever the size don’t have.


The crabby wallet is by far one of the cheapest minimalist wallets on the market especially among those funded on Kickstarter. Retailing at $17.95 the crabby wallet seems to be on a never-ending sale in which its currently on offer for $14.95.

Final verdict 

I rate the Crabby wallet a score of 6.7 out of 10. I feel it’s a great taster wallet one you should pick up if you’re trying to transition from a standard wallet to a smaller more minimalist once. It’s a great example of what a minimalist wallet is and using this cheaper wallet is a great way to deciding whether or not minimalist wallets are for you. Get your hands on the Crabby Wallet here!


Posted by James