A Crowdfunding Rant.

What’s with the Wallets Kickstarter…

It’s funny how becoming accustomed to a particular industry can quickly make your head shake with how structured and predictable it can be. Maybe this is less of an industry issue and more of a human one, but it seems odd to me how some things, especially those which have been seen time and time again, can continually succeed. I’m of course talking about wallet especially the crowdfunding scene. One of the reasons I was attracted to wallets in the first place (and why this website exists) is because I enjoy seeing innovative and creative wallets successfully funded. Like the wallets below.

But lately, I’ve been pretty disappointed by the range of wallets available on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. As more and more people realise they can make a quick buck by getting basic wallets successfully funded we’ve seen a complete 180 in creativity and design. Even though the quality of wallets appearing on Kickstarter continue on a downwards spiral, the rate at which people (backers) mindlessly throw their money at any wallet related project really pisses me off.

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Take the below wallet currently available on Indiegogo (as of 17.02.17). Named the Nash this basic minimalist wallet literally has no unique qualities and I can name about 10 wallets similar to this one in design and function. It’s not unique, it doesn’t have any feature that another slim wallet wouldn’t have. It has no redeeming qualities, yet has raised over $10,000. Mind boggling.

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It a nice shot. Great lighting and colour combinations. But does that make the wallet good?

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It’s the brand…

One thing Nash have done a good job on is its branding. But that doesn’t make the brand good. You see branding is very much “smoke and mirrors”. It’s very easy to create a brand which perceives luxury yet produces poor imitations of other more original products (wallets). I’ve seen this time and time again with wallet brands. They rely too heavily on their brand image and bait those most inclined to purchase a “high-valued good”. I don’t mean to be rude but in this industry is mainly hipsters or fashion conscious junkies who would fork out for such wallets.

This post is getting too long, but I think you get the point. And perhaps I’m missing the point entirely. Maybe I’ve been in this industry for too long. It’s true I am more picky with my wallets as I do get hundreds of free wallets sent to me. But even so I hope that the wallet fade of the 2010s will end soon, more so to deter those “fake brands” for saturating the market and promote more innovation in the market.

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TL;DR: Stop funding unimaginative, boring wallets. Save your money for the good stuff.

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