Crudo Wallets

Each phrase and every word are crafted delicately on brass molds to engrave on the leather piece. This makes your leather piece one-of-a-kind by virtue of the inscription by your choice. The sky is the limit – you can engrave your life motto, romantic lines, the name of your significant other, a memorable date in roman numerical characters – you name it, we make it happen. We make a leather piece the most personalized yet. Simply, commemorate moments of your life on our leather pieces – endow unto them a soul.

Customisation is key with Crudo Leather. Not only do you get the highest quality products ever (which is reflected in the price) but you also get a highly tailored and custom experience. During the buying process Crudo allow you to choose the wallet you want down to the very finest of detail. But all this customisation is reflected in the price. Crudo are one of the more expensive, and premium, wallet brands on the market today. You’ll be hard pressed to find a wallet that costs more (although they do exist). If you want a wallet with a premium brand, high quality and good customisation then perhaps the Crudo leather range is for you.