Minimal Wallet Spotlight #1 DAX

DAX Minimalist Wallet Spotlight Review

Completing its kickstarter campaign only 15 days ago (as of 18/11/2015) the DAX minimalist is one of the most attractive and pleasing on the eyes wallet I’ve come across in a long time. DAX is constructed from a special high performance fabric originally fabricated for industrial use. On the kickstarter page they don’t specially name the material but they claim its extremely durable and water repellent with a great feel in the hands.



The way the wallet functions in its access to cards is very unique and something I’ve never come across in minimalist wallets before. It uses what DAX call a cascading pull tab that easily and sleekly conceals and revels up to 5 cards (although I’m sure you can put multiple cards in each of the 5 slots) in a smooth and very innovative fashion. One of my major gripes with many minimalist wallets is their way of storing credit and debit cards is usually detrimental to the wallets functionality. On paper this design is the first wallet I’ve really come across that tackles this problem and it looks amazing. A simple sliding mechanism is highly functional and allows you to access you cards with relative ease all enclosed within a tight minimalist profile. The wallet is planned to be released in 3 colours; amber, midnight blue and monochrome. Each is distinctive in appearance and really adds that dash of unique individuality i enjoy from a wallets choices in design.

Over all I can’t wait to test this wallet and find it a breathe of fresh air in a minimalist market which i personality feel is beginning to stagnate in copy cat designs and uninteresting features. The DAX wallet is definitely one to look out for and should be contender for your choice. For more information on the DAX wallet check out its Kickstarter page here and its social media.


Posted by James