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Disc Wallet: A Jack of all Trades

The Disc wallet, is a combination of size, durability and functions. I’d go as far as to consider this wallet a so called ‘jack of all trades”. Strong in all departments but, individually speaking, not the very best. Nevertheless I strongly believe that it’s a wallet like this, one thats strong in all key areas, which will comes out on top against other wallets in the long run. 


Look & appearance

By appearance alone the Disc looks like a highly striped back bifold significantly smaller in high and width. Now I’ll be honest. I personally don’t think the Disc wallet is much to look at. Perhaps you could say the runt of a litter of typical looking bifolds. I joke. Remember to keep in mind that the individual style of a wallet is completely down to your preferences, but its not for me.

One very strong factor is the wallets build quality and material. Made from the highest grain leather, this thick glossy material looks, smell and feels great in the hand. I can’t be 100% sure but I’d bet money on it this wallet could stand the test of time.


Probably one of the wallets key selling points. It clear from the outset that a lot of thought went into it. On the outside of the wallet hosts two quick access slots, 1 on the front and 1 on the back. This allows for quick access to your most used cards with just a swipe of the finger. Now the Disc wallet is quite a study and tight wallet. The leather really hugs your cards (which can be a great thing for security) but a bit of a pain when you really have to apply some pressure to push or pull your cards out. I’m not sure if the wallet simply needs ‘breaking in’.

*Update: As I’ve used the wallet it has loosened up. This wallet is much like good quality boots and needs breaking in. It just goes to show the quality leather that is used. Its excellent.

In terms of capacity the wallet had room for 5 cards. You can fit in more but that does require some card stacking. The wallet hosts no easy way to store physical notes and doesn’t have a dedicated area for it. Like many wallets these days notes are kept within one of the card slots all folded up. I personally hate this as it requires more effort to take out and put back any notes, but the Disc handles it very good for. 

One of the main selling points and most unique feature is how the disc wallet deals with coin storage. Using 4 small pieces of elastic sewn onto the wallet in a 2×2 grid (see pic) it creates 4 little pockets just big enough to squeeze in, securely, your coins. Now depending on the thickness of your coins you’ll be able to store any Manor of coins. For example I live in the United Kingdom and you’ll only ever get 1 pound coin in each slot (3 total) it’s just too thick.  On the other hand the 50 pence, although larger, is way skinnier. You can store up to three 50 pence pieces in each slot (for a total of 12). A great unique additional to the wallet.



The wallet is great to use. Card storage is fine and although notes are a pain to store it’s not a deal breaker. It’s great size fits nicely in the pocket with no bulk.  The only situation where this may not be true is when you’ve got lots of coins. Large coins add some thickness and hence bulk to the wallets width.

Final verdict

A great all found wallet. Very little criticism. It’s look are not my favorite but it more than makes up for it with strong functionality. At a price of £45.00 it’s hindering on the more expensive side of life. Do I think it’s worth this price? I’ll let you decide.

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