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The Discommon Thermoformed Wallet. Uniqueness bundled with Character.

Sometimes a wallet just catches your eye. The Thermoformed Wallet did exactly this to me and it comes down its unusual and unique design. With its “dot” like pattern design and the distinct clash of colour the Discommon provides a full package of unique individuality in a marketplace full of very plain or generic looking wallets.

Features and Functionality. 

  • Exterior: “Wolf” grey Italian calf hide
  • Interior: Orange (more colours coming soon)
  • Storage: 8 cards, 4 on either side OR 4 cards on one side and folded bills on the other
  • The stitch-free design utilises and innovative multi-material laminating process.
  • Formed pockets prevent the nasty stretching and imprinting (oh, there’s your card number!) that occurs on normal slim leather wallets.

Currently, the Discommon is out of stock. But thanks to high demand I’m sure we’ll see much more of this fantastic looking wallet in the near future. I’ve been in contact with Discommon regarding this wallet and they say it isn’t too far away. In terms of its price; I’m unsure (the website just says “sold out”). Although the rest of the products on the Discommon website are very pricey, to say the least, so I’d expect the same from this wallet. Check out their website here for more information.



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