The Distil Union Euro Wallet | Review

The Secrets of the Distil Union Euro. It’s on the inside that counts.

Made with the finest leather the Distil Union Euro wallet is a great example of functionality and simplicity. One first inspection it might seem weird to see the inside of a wallet with nothing. No card slots or bill sleeve, nothing. It perplexed me too as my initial thoughts were they had wasted space. In reality, Distil Union are trying to strip back wallets and bring them back to their roots. They do this through clever design and ingenuity. When I used this wallet for a week I found it to be incredibly simple and a joy to use.


The inside with its metal notes grasp works perfectly and, in my opinion, is the best way to store and access your notes. Although this type of note storage is nothing new (can be seen in Andar and 32&8) its larger size accommodates larger notes easier (great for me in the UK). Card storage is done through the side of the wallet using Distil Union quick access slot. These have room for up to 8 cards and allow for easy access with just the pub of a tab. No issues there. 


On the other side is another slot dubbed the squeeze lock pocket. This pocket opens by squeezing on each side of the pockets opening which forces the slot open with a subtle and satisfying “popping” sound. Here you can store and access coins with ease. It really is a genius system. Check the short video below for details on how the squeeze lock pocket works.

The Euro is available in 3 colours in black, brown and grey and is made from a rich full grain leather. The build quality is highest I’ve seen from a wallet and it feels like it’ll last. When I used this wallet in practice I was very impressed with both its quality and ease of use. Its defining feature is definitely how easy it to access your cash, cards and change without struggling to shuffle through clumped up cards or folded up notes.

Overall a good competitive wallet great for those who want simplicity in a normal looking bifold. You can get your hands on a Distil Union wally for $69.99. The guys have done a great job with their range of wallets and I encourage you to check out their other wallets available first before you decided. 

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