Distil Union Wallets



We met in 2006, and in our years as designers, we worked on literally hundreds of products together (mainly Apple accessories). When our last gig closed their Charleston office, we stayed to soak up the lifestyle of freelance designers in this laid-back coastal town that’s full of “working-class creatives” and entrepreneurs. As friends we stayed connected, often riffing on product ideas over beers… So in 2011, we joined together (Union, get it?) to create the products we want to see on the shelves. Selfish? Perhaps. Exciting? You bet your pants it is!

Entirely self-funded on a boot-strap budget, Distil Union launched their first product on Kickstarter. After working in the “big-box retail” industry for so long, the dynamic crowdfunding community was exhilarating and allowed the team to connect directly with customers, users, and backers!

Distil Union is a great example of a business build and run with the support and backing of the community. An example of where Crowd Funding can and should be the future of new innovative ideas coming to light. It is both the perfect place to not only get critical feedback from an idea but also see if a demand exists. To date, Distil Union have launched 6 Kickstarter projects each one achieving the goal by as much as 827%.

Distil Unions product line are both innovative and different. Their wallets have a classic look with a difference, as they take what we think is a normal wallet and add unique features completing unseen in other wallet brands. This unique individuality is what makes Distil Union a great brand and they have the wallets to prove it.

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