Dixtinta Wallet | Review & Overview

The Dixtinta Wallet – A Unique Wallet with a Unique Style

If I could describe the Dixtinta Wallet in one it would be “idiosyncratic” or “exotic”. When you see the Dixtinta in person it’s no surprise really, as it does have a distinct and individualist look you’ll never see in any other wallet. With a range of fascinating colours, cork, slots galore and more this wallet has got quite a lot going for it on paper. Let’s take a closer look!


Appearance, Look and Style

On first appearance, the Dixtinta may look a little… umm.. Feminine. Truth be told a few of my friends did think I was carrying around a new purse at first. Never the less don’t judge a book by its cover. Although the Dixtinta does have a certain stylistic look that’s not to everybody’s taste with a huge variety of styles Dixtinta leave very little to the imagination and offer 26 distinct design for you to enjoy. Overall the wallet has a nice quaint appearance all compact within the dimensions of 9.5 x 6 x 0.8 cm.


The wallet has 3 distinct slots. The first is a dedicated coin slot, a nice addition and very welcomed in such a small wallet. Protruding away from that slot is the wallet’s card slot with room for 3 – 5 cards. Finally, the wallet has note slot on the reverse side which folds out once unbuttoned. One of the major issues with the Dixtinta is its overtly small note slot. For example, the Dixtinta can’t fit any British note without the top edge of each note sticking out. The only way around this issue is by folding the notes over once which isn’t ideal at all. Apart from that the wallet preforms very well with no complaints when in practice.

Final Verdict

A lovely little compact wallet with a range of functionality that works to an above satisfactory level. Whether you’re a boy or girl if you’re looking for something a bit difference, unique and at a reasonable price then check out the Dixtinta Wallet. Available starting at €24.90.

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