DUN Wallet | Black Edition | Overview & Full Review

DUN Wallet Review – A classic example of design and functionality

The DUN wallet funded through Kickstarter made in Holland and released last year is a mid to high-end Minimalist wallet with a focus on slender and well laid out design. While being credited as the world’s thinnest leather billfold at just 0.2 inches the DUN has many strengths that might just make it the perfect wallet for you. Let’s take a look at what the DUN has to offer.

The DUN in detail

When you first fold out the Dun wallet its most unique feature is its rectangularly cut sleeve “cash strap” which acts as a secure place to store your cash notes (up to 10) and other paper like items. In all honestly, this design was what made me most excited to receive the DUN as it provides an easy streamlined and functional way to store notes without the need to fold notes up small or use the typical note sleeve. It reaches it most potential when you have a lot of notes and it’s designed to allow effortless shuffling between bank notes to find the one you want. Easy and simple. The only criticism of this sleeve is it doesn’t accommodate some currencies with some larger bill notes. For example, the English £20 note needs to be folded to fit properly and I’ll assume this is the case for other bills that are at least 149mm x 80mm. A bit of a pain but not a deal breaker.

UPDATED: For us Brits, the DUN doesn’t fit the new £5 Notes very well. Its very small size and plastic material cause it to slide unpredictably in and out of the wallet. I assume this would be the case for other currencies which use plastic notes.


Along with this the wallet also hosts 4 card slots 2 of either of the wallets which can accommodate up to 8 cards comfortably. Along with RFID technology for your security needs and a top notch design, the Dun really does have a great balance between style and unique functionality. The Dun is currently available in 2 colour variations black and brown and you can tailor that further by choosing the colour of the metal tag/clip between gold and silver.


Final Verdict

The Dun wallet is currently available for a price of $60. But Is it worth that sort of money? Yes definitely. What the Dun excels in is its attractive design and ease of use. It’s sleek modern design and thin profile gives it a 21st century feel and its quality, feel and usability is second to none. The Dun currently costs $60 (for the standard none RIFD) or $70 for RIFD version. You can purchase the DUN wallet here.

Posted by James

  1. Wow… nice thin wallet looking cute.

  2. What is the source of the music in the video demonstration?!?

  3. Some free youtube music

  4. I thought that II was carrying a minimalist wallet until the Dun wallet showed up in my mailbox. I immediately switched the four cards and nine bills into the Dun and what a different. To be quite honest I didn’t expect to received a wallet of this obvious quality. A great one!

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