Ekster Wallets



Ekster® was founded in Rotterdam by three motivated and highly ambitious Dutch friends with international backgrounds. Their personal struggles with the products offered in the market today, motivated them to develop this trackable wallet and its the results you see today, the Ekster range, that proves whats been achieved.

First Solar-Charged Smart Wallet Ever

“This smart wallet is the first ever solar-charged wallet. This means no wires, no clutter and no low battery,” said Richard Canneman, co-founder of Ekster®,. The Ekster Wallet only requires 3.5 hours of sunlight per month to offer full tracking functionality. Connect it to a phone via Bluetooth and enjoy all the tracking features offered by Tile.

Tile Smart Location Platform

Ekster®, is one of the first to launch using Tile Smart Location Platform. The Tile Smart Location Platform enables manufacturers to embed Tile’s smart location technology directly into their own products, making them locatable through Tile’s award-winning mobile app and network. Ekster Wallet owners can ring their wallet if within Bluetooth range. If they are not within Bluetooth range and have misplaced their wallet, they can see the last place they had it in the Tile app or tap the Tile community to help locate it.

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