ezgo wallet brand



Ezgo Wallet’s first grew to fame when they achieved Kickstarter success way back in 2013. The unique wallet is consider a fantastic minimalist wallet made from a durable plastic with a variety of features. Personally speaking I thought it was quite ugly but when I finally got my hands on one I quickly become a forced to be reckoned with. For my full review click here.

Ezgo themselves describe their wallet as: A modern, buoyant, slim and lightweight minimal wallet designed with no moving parts, for easy access to cards, cash, digital media and more. I have a tendency to agree with this in part, but this wallet really isn’t for everyone. Since the Original Ezgo wallets release they’ve also expanded into other wallets such as their slim series. These very slim leather wallets are well made but are consider generic and not in keeping with ezgo’s original wallet. Its almost seems out of place.