The Cheapest Wallet. What does a £0.39 Wallet get you?

How well does a £0.39 wallet compare to other similar wallets?

The FEITONG slim minimalist wallet is really freaking cheap. Just for fun, I did a search on amazon for “slim wallets” and refined the search from Low to High. What I got was a range of monumentally cheap wallets but the cheapest of the bunch (as of Decemeber 2016) was a wallet I’m going to call the FEITONG.

FEITONG wallet

Coming in at only £0.39 even with the price of postage and packaging the wallet only comes to a staggeringly low £1.89. So like all enthusiasts do I decided to undertake a research investigation. My hypothesis being that the FEITONG wallet is no better or worst than other wallet brands with similar designs. The FEITONG is a simplistic wallet pouch. Only just slightly larger than a credit card (10.3cm*7.6cm) the wallet has room for 6 cards (3 on each side) and an open pocket in the middle for notes. In this comparison, I’ll be looking at a few wallets, much more expensive wallets than the FEITONG but fundamentally the same in design and functionality.

The Competition – Let’s compare.

The two wallets I’ve chosen for this comparison review are the Haru by Kisetsu, and the Axess wallet. Both of these are priced at $64.95 and $35.00 respectively. I will now compare these 2 wallets against the FEITONG to see if it’s worth forking out up to an additional $62.00 for a wallet which, at the end of the day, is the same.

The Kisetsu Haru

slim wallet

The Kisetsu Haru forms one of the very popular Kisetsu wallets and makes up the smallest of the range. Designed in Singapore and successfully funded on Kickstarter the Haru is made from a full grain leather and can hold up to 6-8 cards comfortably. When side by side theirs very little to distinguish the Haru from the FEITONG. The main difference from appearance is the Haru’s vertical orientation compared to a horizontal one; along with the Haru’s rectangular cut-out which forms one of the quick-access slots. In practice, I ultimately prefer the FEITONG’s usability. With the horizontal orientation for stacking credit and debit cards, it’s easier to access cash and cards (although this is a personal opinion). Both the quick access slots and the RFID Protection of the Haru is a positive but I’m not sure at the end of the day if the price difference is big enough to quantify purchasing one over the other.

The second main point is the material. While the Haru is made from a luxurious full grain leather (which smelt amazing I may add), the FEITONG’s material is simply listed as an artificial leather. The issue is fake leathers are very convincing and although I knew it wasn’t real leather the quality was barely distinguishable between the wallets.


The Axess Wallet

The Axess wallet is literally a like for like mirror of the FEITONG. With its 3 card slots of each side and inner slots for notes and cards the only thing that differentiates the two is the material its made from. The Axess understandably is made from a better quality material. The High-grade genuine Vegetable tanned leather really makes the wallet POP and with its diverse range of colours from red to green. Again I’d say the Axess is definitely more attractive than the FEITONG but not by much. It comes down to you to decide whether or not a few differences is worth the sheer price jump.

wallet 2

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The Results are in…

For me the results are conclusive. The FEITONG really is just as good as these much more expensive wallets. Although it lacks RFID and a more premium leather thats about it. It ultimately comes down to personal opinion at the end of the day and I’d sway towards affordability over some optional features.

Let us know what you think about this post? Would you still prefer the Feitong over the other two wallets? Let us know in the comments below and your reasons why.



Posted by James

  1. Wouldn’t the plastic wear out and crack much faster than the leather version? Guess that’s the bug benefit of leather right? It becomes more beautiful over time. Although it would still need to last ~25 times as long to compensate for the difference in cost…

    Other question you can ask yourself is what they had to do to get it so cheap… Someone must get very little pay…

  2. You’re very correct! Since I only tried the wallet out for a small amount of time I don’t know how well it’ll hold up. Perhaps the FEITONG would simply fall apart after a month or two. :p Build quality seemed ok on first inspection but I can’t comment on its long term durability.

    On the other hand, even if it did fall apart after 1 month you could buy 12 in one go for only £6.00 so I guess it’s still cost effective. Although you’re totally right regarding its price. Either these things are mass manufactured on such a high scale (which reflects the price) or some hard worker’s are getting very little pay.

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