Garzini Essenziale Magistrale Wallet | Review

The Garzini Essenziale Pezzini Review

After the high praise I gave the original Garzini Essenziale (in Blue) I couldn’t not try the next level up. The Garzini Essenziale Magistrale (which we’ll refer to as simply Perzzini from now on) is basically identical to the Essenziale but with one big difference. The Perzzini has a dedicated coin pouch, secured with a traditional button clip, and with plenty of room for your coins. Lets take a further look!


The main feature of the Garzini Magistrale is the inclusion and addition of the dedicated coin pouch. This large and roomy compartment, secured with the traditional button grasp, is a fantastic addition and has more than enough room from all your coin storage needs. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. Dedicated coin storage is a dying breed in wallets these days. Its nice to see a brand consider and integrate them in an already popular wallet such as the Garzini Essenziale (original).


The wallets over style is based on what Garzini calls its Versaflex system. It’s difficult to explain so i’ll let the video below do the talking. But basically its a very clever and seamless way of storing notes, receipts or any other paper items. Apart from that the wallet is fairly straight forward. It can store up to 10 cards, is slim in size and is made from a high quality genuine leather.

Look & Feel

The Magistrale is an attractive looking wallet. And what makes it even better is its unique range of colours it comes in. I got my hands on the Marrone Rossicci (Light brown or Tan) colour but it also comes in Carbon black and Blu Cobalto (Blue). If you’re read my review of the Garzini Essenziale then you’ll know that I had a huge love for the blue colour which transcends to this wallet as well. Over all its a great look and feel, fits well in the pocket and has a soft touch feel to it.

Final Verdict

A great wallet for those who want simplicity with the added bonus of a card slot. For more information on the Garzini Essenziale Magistrale Wallet visit their website. Also remember to check out our new dedicated store we’ve got a bunch of fantastic new wallets with the Garzini collection hopefully coming soon!

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