Garzini Essenziale Wallet Review

A Full look at Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet.

The Garzini Essenziale is a wallet that immediately caught my eye. Not for any complex or distinctive reason. Not because it has a feature like no other wallet. No nothing like that. The reason I bought the Garzini Essenziale was because its blue. Funnily enough, I’ve never had the pleasure of coming across a blue wallet before and as my favourite colour, it was one of the easiest purchase in ages. So apart from the Garzini’s blueness, what else does this highly distinctive wallet bring to the table?

Look & Design

Need I say no more. The wallet is blue.

garzini blue


The leather is quite unusual as it’s almost rough matte texture provides for very little wriggle room. That combined with the very tightly made card slots makes the Essenziale excellent for how well it securely holds your cards. The unique Versaflex system, as Garzini dub it, is a very creative way to store your banknotes. I won’t explain how the system works but check out this video demonstration for more. It’s very innovative and works exactly as the video shows.


So how well does the Garzini hold up in practice? As usual, I used the wallet over the period of 1 month testing it on everything we’ve talked about above. The first thing to note is the Garzini is quite a bit larger than the average wallet. I’d still say it was slimmer than most but would categorise it as a medium sized wallet in reality. Because of this, it can be quite noticeable in the pocket but no more than, let’s say, any of the Bellroy wallets are. Accessing cash and cards is very intuitive and again the Versaflex system really adds to facilitating the Essenziale’s great usability in practice.

Final Verdict

The Essenziale is a true contender for the top spot. Although not the slimmest wallet its look and feel make it stand out from the crowd, and its unique Versaflex system leaves something to be desired. Coming in at a very reasonable $40.00 it’s more than a bargain. For more information visit the Garzini website here, or check them out on Facebook, or Twitter.

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