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Another Wallet Giveaway! Congratulations to…

And yet another month rolls around with little concern for my age. This month has been a fairly active month for those who wan’t to win a free wallet. It seems people are finally catching on that free wallets might actually be cool. Anyhow I always like to do a little recap of the previous month in these giveaway posts so here we go!

This month is first month in which I’m planning on finally opening my store. To date we’ve had very little inventory to stock but thats about to change very soon. We’ve teamed up with some of the very best wallet brands in the world and pledge to only sell those wallets which we’ve tried, tested and 100% think are the best. With that being said we’ve had to put our wallet magazine on hold for the immediate future. Currently we’re being sidetracked on creating great content and reviewing loads of fantastic wallets. Never the less by next month, May, we promise that we’ll have much more engaging content for you all.

Finally we’ve decided to remove the forum from our store. Spammers and, honestly, a complete lack of content means a dedicated forum will have to wait until this website is a little more popular before we reinstate it. Anyhow we’ve like to thank you all for coming to our website. We’re always honorer by your kind words and hope you enjoy the content we produce. Without further ado here is the winner of April 2017’s wallet giveaway:

Congratulations to…

Kristian Sagnes Karlsen


Who only subscribed on the 31st March! Remember you have to be in it to win it. This month our winner, Kristian, has won a copy of the amazing BERLIN SLIM PAPER that i only reviewed not to long ago. This is by bar my favorite paper wallet so please enjoy the wallet! Remember if you’ve yet to enter our wallet giveaway please complete the contact form (link in sidebar) and join us for updates, offers and of course free wallets!


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