Huberton Wallet Review

Huberton Wallet Review – Colourful Style.

Every so often I enjoy using a wallet that’s a little bit smaller and a little bit more colourful than I’m used to. That’s where the Huberton wallet comes in. While only just having finished funding on Kickstarter the Huberton wallet, and it’s range of colours, add a lot of unique combinations not usually seen in many wallets. This is what drew me to this wallet and, in a sense, why I keep coming back to it. Let’s delve a little deeper into what this wallet can offer.



The wallet is very simple at its core. 2 sides of card slots that allow for 2 cards each. You can put more than one card in per slot but I wouldn’t recommend it. The cards are a nice, tight fit for much-needed safety and don’t need the stress of additional card bulking. Although the option is there for those who want it.  Cash is stored within an open slot directly on top of the wallet. This fairly small slot is a bit of a squeeze and will require you to fold your notes before you store them. If you’ve read any of my reviews before you’ll know this is one of my pet hates. It creates unnecessary effort to fold, position and unfold the money which isn’t functional in my book.  

Look and feel

Probably the main selling point for me (other than it’s price). The range of colours, great build quality and overall sleek look really bring the best out in this wallet. In a stake and oversaturated market, I’m sick of seeing boring or generic colours. These typical brown or black will, without question, stay at the top of the popularity list but having these unique colours, I’m talking about greens and blues, really do help give wallets a distinct edge. The wallet comes in a multitude of colours. 10 to be exact, with a few of my favourites below.

The wallet is made from a very soft genuine leather that’s stitched to perfection. Usually, you find, with cheaper wallets, that the construction or build quality is compromised but not with Huberton. The stitching is great and I believe the quality is uncompromised. A wallet which should last the test of time.


Usability & practicality

The practicality of this wallet, in use, is one with a satisfactory level of functionality and enjoyment. In the 1 week I used the wallet I found its ease of use poor with the clunky note slot, while the easy access of cards a major plus for good security but with limited space. The wallet has a nice feel in the hand a pocket and doesn’t have any issues distinguished during the 1 week. A great result all round.

Final Verdict 

This is a great wallet for those who are only just delving into the wallet world. If you’re looking for a cheap well made minimalist wallet them you can do worse than grabbing a Huberton for only £20. Its wallets like these which I like to recommend to people who want to delve into the world of minimalist wallets but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. I believe this $20 is a sound investment and won’t break the brand IF you decide to revert to a larger wallet. For more information visit the Huberton website,  Kickstarter and facebook page!

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