Huberton Wallets

Huberton Wallets Brand

Small, slim, sleek and stylish. This wallet has many advantages but its mainly its attractive looks and unique range of colours that make it pop. The Huberton brand started out life as a simple Kickstarter project in 2016. Originating from Spain the motivation behind the wallets was to bring a new approach to wallets and to create something that fit the use of the user. A wallet which does what it does effectively and with good intentions.

The main selling point of the Huberton, in my opinion, is its range of stylish colours and combinations. Just see for yourself. From green, to blue, to red, this wallet has a design, look that stands the test of time. The huberton is still a new brand, and is still trying to find its feet. It wasn’t overly successful on Kickstarter (raising just over $5000) but is doing what it must in this harsh competitive landscape.

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