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IDENTITY Wallet Review & Overview

Identity: The Carbon Fiber (Fibre) Wallet

With its lightweight frame and durable body the Identity wallet, first funded on Kickstarter, is a good place to start. What really stands out about the Identity wallet is its carbon fiber body. As a material used less than wood in wallet making, the Identity stands out from the crowd and uses this to its advantage.

Look & Feel

The futuristic design and unique array of bends and folds give the identity an almost futuristic design. I’ve heard mixed opinions about how people feel about the wallet’s design. You either love it or hate it. Want this as your wallet or simply don’t. I’m personally on the fence. Would I have gone out of my way to purchase this wallet? Probably not. But on the other hand, the design of the wallet is truly a unique one. So it’s really down to personal preference. Lets take a further look…

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I’m quite on the fence about the feeling of this wallet. While being light is definitely a positive, I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I didn’t like it feel and touch in my hand. Its rough texture and flimsy plastic didn’t help this but it’s the carbon fiber which does this. As an avid tennis player, I found its feel to remind me of a tennis racquet

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Although very slim the Identity does a fantastic job will the functionality it has. With 2 open oblong shaped slots running down both sides of the wallet its only feature is for the quick and speedy access to your cards. With just a swipe of your finger, you can instantly flip cards out of the wallet and swipe among the cards you need. It’s actually really simple, although it might take a little practice before you master the art of swiping. The downside would probably be the storage of notes. At times it can be difficult to access notes, with putting them in the wallet more of an issue than taking it out.


Final Verdict

All in all the Identity wallet is a nice wallet for those looking for “true” minimalism. Although the functionality is strong with its quick access slots and smooth sliding motion it does have much in the way of coin or cash storage. But that’s honestly not what someone who’d want to buy this wallet would be looking for. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight cardholder with a slick card storage system and design this might be the wallet for you. Click below to check out the Infinity wallet Kickstarter page. Coming very soon!