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Wallet Giveaway Winner! | June 2017

Are you this months winner?

This month we’ve been lucky enough to receive 3 wallets to giveaway in the form of the wonderful. These wallets are the fantastic Mark wallet by the guys at Modest Mark and they have created a great slim wallet.

modest mark brown

When we announce the winners we’ll send you a confirmation email within 1 week to confirm your shipping details so we can get the wallets over to you ASAP. Remember once your entered into our giveaway your in it for life! And between you and me we currently have less than 200 people signed up so i’d say your odds are pretty good (don’t tell a soul)! Click on the big icon in the right hand side panel to sign up if you haven’t already!

The winners are…

Aries Galindo!

Brandon T!

Atuonwu Desire!


Congratulations to all! Best of luck for next month. We’re still undecided on what our next wallet will be but stay tuned for more information on this!