Kickstarter Wallets | Wallet Crowdfunding | February 2017

What’s being Crowdfunded? February 2017 Edition

I can’t believe it’s February already. That being said the wallet crowdfunding landscape hasn’t really changed that much since December. I’m probably going to come off a little pessimistic in this Kickstarter Spotlight, but that’s entirely indicative of a lack of creativity in the market. With such a competitive industry people need to do more and think further outside the box when it comes to new wallet designs. That being said we do have a few good additions to take a look at so here we go!

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nopi wallet

Nopi Limited Edition Wallet

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Nothing really special about this slim style leather wallet. Made from full grain vegetable tan leather and limited edition. If you’re looking for a unique one of a kind wallet this may be for you.

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coinsol wallet

Coinsol Magnetic Wallet

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A magnetic wallet is something I’ve always had at the back of my mind but never seen implemented before today. The Coinsol are two magnetic plates that sit either side of your cash and cards and secure them in place. The idea seems good, but I’m unsure how functional it’ll be in reality. It’s a nice gimmick but I don’t expect much really.

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titan wallet

Titan Minimalist Wallet

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Another slim cardholder metal wallet. I’m frankly getting tired of all these same old same old metal wallets. It’s got a funky design but at the end of the day they all suffer from a lack of functionality and ease of use is always subpar.

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alfio wallet

Alfio Wallet

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Another Bifold. Literally, has nothing unique about it. Looks fairly attractive and seems well made, but unsure what the price will be (probably expensive). It really seems people will fund anything these days, even something as common as a wallet like this.

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vessel wallet

Vessel Wallet

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This is more like it. A metal wallet with a range of features and a well thought out design. With a cool mechanism for accessing cards and a draw like a system for storing just about anything (the pictures show a condom lol), the Vessel Wallet might just be worth giving your money for.

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I’ve been a bit harsh today so here is something really cute to leave you with.

One hundred great things.

Posted by James

  1. Something that I noticed about a couple of these kickstarters is a very low target to fund… I suppose this makes it easy for small projects to be quickly flagged as “successfully funded” so long as sufficient people buy-in to a unique look & feel or a specific functionality, regardless of how functional it is on the whole. (Nopi, Titan, Alfio)

    I have spoken to people who actually see wallets primarily as card holders, and this allows them to be a valid audiences for ultra-minimal wallets like the Titan . I see this more as a personal preference – some declare the humble rubber band as the one true minimalist wallet that everyone should embrace (topic for another day)…

    Regardless, for a personal thing like a wallet, I suppose the unique feel or appeal of each wallet varies for each person; and so anything goes, most evidently on a platform like Kickstarter.

    The Vessel is definitely far more practical than the rest on the list. I’m even tempted to get one now haha. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Thanks kww8! I totally agree with everything you’ve said. The way wallets are funded on Kickstarter is really quite interesting if you think about it. The variety is so large and the scope for change so high. It will be interesting to see in the near future if the rate of which wallets are funded slows down.The Vessel really is the best of a pretty uneventful month. Hopefully, March will bring something a little more interesting to the table 🙂

  3. Thanks for the feature and support guys! Check out our Kickstarter page for GIFs to see the wallet in action

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