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Designer Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Sometimes a wallet grabs you attention and the designer leather really does this. A luxury wallet that takes what we know about premium goods and adds just that little bit extra. Its no surprise that a wallet of the calibre can attain and its unique detachable money clip really is innovative, something i’ve never seen before.

David Williams the mind behind his first wallet told us about his plans for the future and whats in store for this up & coming wallet brand.

“My ultimate goal of my Kickstarter campaign is to go beyond this one single wallet to develop a new premium leather goods company. As a reward, I am giving backers the chance to vote on their favorite branding. I have several products designed and ready to follow”.
This is something that i’ve never seen from any business before. The idea of giving control to those who know, care, follow and purchase the wallets. Backers will be give a democratic vote on the development of a brand something both exciting and fun for backers.
When we asked Dave his initial reasons for why he thought a new wallet was needed in what seems like an over saturated and competitive wallet he didn’t hesitate with his response:
“My goal is to deliver to customers the level of high quality that I expect as a customer. I made this wallet because I couldn’t find the design at the quality level I desired. I chose vegetable-tanned, top-grain, hand-stitched leather from a top tier tannery to achieve the level of quality that would match the simple elegance of my design”.
Commitment behind a idea or concept is paramount and I like what Dave is trying to achieve. Combining style, functionality and minimalism into one wallet really is the way forward and on first impressions this wallet does just that. Check out their Kickstarter video below:

Speaking of Form & Function…

If you’ve ever read one of my reviews before you know that I put a lot of emphasis on the idea of functionality, style and of course size. I find a lot of brands don’t really understand, or care, about why they’ve even made a wallet and the reasons behind what makes a wallet and good one. I believe this wallet has something and urge anybody currently looking for their new wallet to check out the luxury wallet today.

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