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Wallets on Kickstarter – New Year addition

The new year is almost here and before we’re thrown head into 2017 I wanted to quickly sum up all the wallets currently being funded on crowdfunding sites. Let’s take a look.


DUN DUO™ | Luxury Travel Wallet

dun duo wallet

I can’t say I’m much of a Travel wallet buff myself, but I find myself constantly looking at the industry trends and it seems like a surge in people looking for innovative and attractive travel wallets are on the rise. The Dun Duo Wallet is a great example of this. With its double zip design and its matte black calf leather design, the Dun Duo describes itself as a combination of simplicity and luxury. I don’t travel outside of the United Kingdom that often so I probably won’t end up getting this wallet. But for those who travel a lot, this might be a great addition to your collection.

WonderWallet – E-Ink Smart Wallet

wonder wallet

The Wonder Wallet is probably the most interesting wallet on this list. While adding to the current selection of smart wallets on the market the Wonder is the first which uses e-ink technology. Some would say this is only a gimmick but this feature is great for those who love to fully customise their stuff. The Wonder allows for this as you can set any picture you want in the frame. Pretty cool if you ask me.



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