Wallets Funded on Kickstarter | May 2017 Edition

Wallets on Kickstarter | May 2017 Edition

What Wallets are being Funded this Month?

April was a mixed bag of Kickstarter Crowdfunders for the wallet world. I always like to be over critical with wallets up for funding, as to deter the unoriginal stuff, and it’s 1 good wallet for every bad 2. Hopefully May can bring us some awesome wallets to look forward to in the future!

KAJJI Wallet

This wooden wallet takes the design of a typical card cascading wallet. With a push of the button your cards are instantly presented in an easy to manage way. I’ve used wallets like these in the past specially the Andar Apollo and find them effective, but more of a novelty than anything else. They never had a good way to store notes or other items (like coins). The KAJJI Wallet has attempted to solve the note problem with a small sleeve at the back but it doesn’t really look like it belongs there and actually deters from the attractiveness of the wood and its overall appearance. Overall nothing special but I would love to try it out in the future.


CODA Wallet

Very much like a typical leather Bi fold the CODA Wallet doesn’t do much different than most. One major issue is the wallets are made from Genuine leather. If you don’t already know Genuine leather, contrary to the name and popular belief, is one of the lowest grades of leather in terms of quality. What I do like about this wallet is its quirky design and colour range. The way your cash and cards are also stored is unique (as shown with the pic below) which I quite like.


Ideka Wallet

Unoriginal and uninspiring. The Ideka wallet is everything I hate about wallets and crowdfunding. This wallet is probably designed and produced in china by 1 of the many wallet/leather goods wholesalers that exist over there. I can’t be sure but these guys might be trying to make a quick buck by funding and reselling cheap Chinese wallets for a profit. Check out how their wallet resembles some of these found on Alibaba.

Even if everything i’ve just said is complete bollocks (which it probably is) wallets with the Ideka’s design are a dime a dozen. Amazon and eBay have many wallets just like this, cheap as chips, so I wouldn’t waste your time on the Ideka.


Damico Wallet

This is really shit. It looks shit, functions like shit and doesn’t deserve $1000 of crowdfunding. It’s no different from any other ultra minimalist wallet, suffers from major card bulking and to top it off it’s ugly as sin. I’m not going to even link to this one.


Lucca Bozzi Smart Solar Wallet

I always like to end on a high and the Lucca Bozzi Solar Wallet does exactly that. Having raised over $80,000 with over a month still to go the Lucca is one of the first wallets to incorporate a charging device by which you can easily charge your phone on the go. This is an idea that I myself thought about around December last year so i’m really glad it’s becoming a reality. The Solar Wallet can provide up to 10 hours of additional battery life and is concealed within a slim bifold leather wallet.  Its attractive looking, functional and definitely a wallet to keep an eye on. If you find yourself always running out of battery before the end of the day then this would be a great wallet for you.

Lucca Bozzi Smart Solar Wallet

Zenlet 2

I actually reviewed the original Zenlet wallet not to long ago. It was a pretty decent wallet and it looks as if they’ve helped solve many of the issues I had with the original Zenlet with its predecessor. The original concept of the Zenlet still exists. A hard shell style case that allows easy access of cards through a sliding and cascading mechanism. The difference is the inclusion of a draw style compartment on the back which is now the area for storing notes and change.


Other notable wallets to keep any eye on…

User Friendly Minimalist Wallet

BORDO Wallet

The Mark

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