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Crowdfunding Wallets | July 2017 | Kickstarter & IndieGoGo

Wallets on Kickstarter & IndieGoGo | July 2017

Its summer time, and although I’m from the United kingdom, I’m looking for some really hot wallets being crowdfunded on Kickstarter & IndieGoGo this month. Last month had a really nice eclectic range of wallets from the strange to the damn right wonderful.

As mentioned my review of wallets being crowdfunded is always highly critical. This is not only down to my own experience having tested hundreds of wallets, but is down to what I think people should be wasting their money on. Let’s take a look at what July has to offer.


Sketch Wallet

Although I don’t usually like to focus on larger wallets the Sketch wallet is worthy of a mention. As the name suggests the Sketch wallet is all about having a portable wallet and booklet combined to allow for drawing and note taking. This is actually a second generation Sketch wallet which improves on some of the most requested upgrades that people wanted. This includes a cheaper price (almost half), an alternative non leather version, more card slots (now 7 – 14 capacity) and money pocket.

What this does is bring a more balanced combination of a notebook and wallet. It looks great and seems far better than the only other notebook/wallet i’ve ever used which was the Bellroy Notebook Cover. For more information on the Sketch wallet visit their Kickstarter here. Estimated delivery October 2017.


DJIN Wallet

The guys at Koala gear are by no means a Kickstarter virgin. After the success of their innovative backpack over 2 years ago the guys are back with their next kickstarter the DJIN Wallet. On first impressions i’m not a big fan of the style of the DJIN. It looks large, clunky and doesn’t seem to have any redeeming features of what i’d consider an attractive wallet.

On the other hand its main focus is on the functionality and ease of use in day to day life. The DJIN is made up of 2 compartments one to manage notes and cards, and the other to deal with other larger items such as coins, keys and other small physical items. Having already raised over 60K I have no doubt this is a wallet to look out for and i’d love to get my hands on one in the near future. For more information please visit their Kickstarter page here. Estimated delivery December 2017.

baggizmo wiseward

Baggizno Wiseward Wallet

The smart wallet revolution is well and truly here. Over the past year i’ve seen a huge rise in the number of smart wallets funded and I expect this to continually rise and we move into an age in which technology is integrated into everything we carry.

The Baggizno Wiseward wallet is another example of this and has already gained huge traction raising over 24K with 11 days still to go. Like many smart wallets the Baggizno comes in a multitude of smartphone integrations including tracking and a notification system so you’ll always know where your wallet is. Its an attractive wallet and the range of features are plentiful. Visit their Kickstarter here. Estimated shipping from October 2017.


Pitaka Carbon Fibre wallet

Although i’m not a fan of carbon fibre as a material the Pitaka has a unique fanning design which gives a really nice seamless approach to accessing your wallets cash and cards. Its module system allows you to customise your daily carry with ease. Visit the Kickstarter campaign for more information. Shipping from October 2017.

WallaKoozie Wallet

The WallaKoozie Wallet

I always like to do a specific shoutout to a wallet which is so crazy or so strange it almost deserves a special reward. Today is the WallaKoozie which is a wallet which allows you to physically attack a typical 330cl can. Thats right its a wallet which you could carry your can of coke, or pepsi with. I’ll say no more. Check them out here on Kickstarter.