Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition


Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition

1. Clic Wallet

When I first watched the promotional video for the Clic wallet I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but think that every time they “clicked” to open the wallet it resembled a banana opening up with the skin peeled back. Once I got over my hysterical laughing fit I managed to evaluate this wallets potential property and honestly think its quite cool.

It not only has the banana peel effect for storing and accessing your cards easily but is also made from a combination of polyester and elastic. I look forward to seeing this wallet in the future but for now i’m firmly on the fence. Click here for more information.

2. Fuze Card

While not exactly a wallet the Fuze Card does a great job and trying to replace your entire wallet in just a single card sized device. Currently the Fuze has had incredible crowdfunding success destroying its funding target of 50K by over 1000%. The Fuze claims you can holds up to 30 Credit, Debit, or Gift Cards on a single device. While being proven to work at retail locations worldwide its hard to really find any faults with the Fuze. My only concern would be the price but regardless i’m looking forward to this gem. Back today on IndieGoGo.

3. Zillion Wallet

What I really like about the Zillion (apart from the cool wallet) is their original and funny Kickstarter video that, honestly, kicks the ass of all the typical and generic advertising videos were used to. The guys did a really great job with the marketing there (see below) but the wallet isn’t to be overlooked either.

Recently i’ve began to see a lot of wallets start focusing on the ability to charge their phones on the move. This was a smart and honestly over due feature needed in wallets as smart phones get bigger and we have a bigger need for longer battery life. The Zillion does exactly that and in a nice subtle way. Grab your Zillion wallet today.


Although it may sound like a Pokemon the CHAARGO it does have an okay appearance with the capabilities of charing your phone. Unfortunately the CHAARGO is completely overshadowed by the Zillion which is more attractive, slimmer and with more functions. If the CHAARGO was just a little bit quicker of the mark then it could have done well, but at this moment I won’t be wasting my time here.

5. Arceo Wallet

The uniquest wallet on our list today. This futuristic looking Carbon fibre wallet takes static and ridged wallets to the next level. Usually with hard material wallets they suffer from the issues of an inflexible material. Luckily Arceo thought about this and made a very innovative and well thought out wallet. I like it a lot and wish them the best of luck!

Other Crowdfunding Wallets

  • Bee Case – Fun little phone case wallet. Another funny video.
  • Carbon Classic – A simple bifold made from Carbon Fibre. Done incredibly well on Kickstarter but I don’t see the appeal myself.
  • ZHIPI – Big travel wallet with a distinctive array of designs.

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