Brand Spotlight: Discover Kisetsu Wallets

A Brand with style and innovation.

Today is my first so called “brand” spotlight. In this type of post, I’ll be showcasing and talking about some of the dedicated wallet brands on the market today. This will give me a chance to actively find and search for the latest wallets while finding companies solely dedicated to everything wallets.

The first brand on my list and one of my favourites are Kisetsu. This Holland-based company is responsible for 3 amazing wallets on the market. The story of these wallet makers is highly intriguing being the idea for the first minimalist wallet, the Haru, was conceived on the toilet. Like a lot of wallets the Kistsu brand came to fruition from Kickstarter after having successfully funded the Haru wallet last year Kistsu has gone on to develop a range of attractive slim wallets, not to mention its innovative take on interesting features such as the Aki wallets pen holder. The Aki wallet really is where Kistsu comes into their own and is by far their most successful wallet being funded in just 3 hours with a total backing of $130,000.


kisetsu haru wallet

The Wallets

Kisetsu currently has 3 wallets in their range each unique with differing stylistic and features for your individual preferences. Each wallet also comes in 6 different colours, my favourite, the traditional crazy horse leather along with the black, blue, grey, tanned, and coco. They also have this helpful guide which explains further about the leather and how to care for it.

The Haru

kisetsu haru

The Natsu

kisetsu aki

The Aki

kisetsu natsu



Overall I love this brand. Expensive? Yes. But I really do believe you get what you pay for. Although I’ve never owned one of these wallets I have had the pleasure of trying out the Aki wallet as my friend got one during its crowdfunding stage. It really was fantastic and when I’ve saved up some more hard earned pennies I’ll defiantly invest in some of these awesome wallets. For more information on the Kisetsu brand and to check the range out for yourself visit their website here, or alternatively their social media on facebook or youtube.



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