The Kit Wallet Review

The kit with Ultimate Customisation.

The Kit Minimalist wallet is by a far the wallet with the most customization options on the market. Whether or not you want a slot for cards, keys or both the kits huge range of choice spanning currently 8 different choices which amounts to over 160 configurations. Not only does it tailor for people simply looking for a good robust wallet but it really goes above and beyond the typical expectation of what a wallet is for. The kit wallet will have you discovering new and unusual configurations left to right and centre ranging from an RDFI shield to the more uncommon money clip and smartphone strap.

The wallet works of a panel system. Within the Kit’s website, you can fully customise the wallet to your liking based on the wants and needs of the consumer. The process is split into a 3 step process of choosing the colour (this is between 2 currently and black and tanned brown leather), the front panel and the back panel.

Regardless of the huge customization options, the kit wallet is standardised in its sizes base model. Coming in 2 dimensions the standard and international it’s really nice for the kit to take the time to cater for foreign curries as the intentional wallet is specially designed to fit larger tender. As a British citizen, i can highly appreciate this as typically GDP are some of the larger notes in the world. This problem of wallets being only designed for American curries is something which I’ve come across quite frequently and is especially apparent in the TGT minimalist wallet. Having the fold my notes into tiny little squares is not something I want to do on a daily basis, not to mention its tedious, and time-consuming nature as I’m forced to fumble about trying to unfold my unintentional origami crane so I can pay for my beer. As I said with 2 variants this wallet avoids it nicely and I commend the company’s designers for doing so.

As far as the dimensions go the standard measures 4.5 inches tall, 3 inches wide, while the international only slightly larger at 4.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. Although this may not seem like a big difference I feel it did create more room and gave me more respect for the brand at how they deal with an international audience.


Feel and experience 

Below is a copy and paste of the different configuration options available for purchase. I’ve added my own thoughts and feels, but since I haven’t had the opportunity to try out them I cannot say how good they are in person only how they look on paper:

Panel Options:

00: Naked, no pocket. – simple yet does its job.

01: Card pocket, designed to provide easy access to your 2-3 most used cards.

02: Quick swipe, designed to hold 1-2 cards so they can be slid out and swiped in one motion.

03: Strap, vertically-oriented to carry easily accessible cash or cards with minimal bulk.

04: Money clip, attaches to top or bottom or can be removed and used on its own. Use the provided stainless steel clip or your favourite one.

05: Key Carrier, securely attaches three keys to your Kit and holds them flat, eliminating the need for a key chain.

06: RFID pocket, lined with a strong yet flexible shielding fabric to protect 1-2 RFID-enabled cards from skimming.

07: Zipper, horizontally-oriented zipper pouch to carry coins or other small items. When full, the zipper pouch can hold around 25 US quarters.

08: ID pocket, allows you to show your ID or credentials without taking them out.

09: Smartphone strap, securely attaches your smartphone to your wallet.

10: Key carrier & strap, combines the card pocket and key carrier allowing you to attach 2 keys securely and still access cash easily on the outside of your wallet.

11: Card pocket & money clip, combines the card pocket and money clip, which attaches to the bottom of the Kit.



Coming in at a modest $60.00  the kit is hovering between the medium to high price tag.


Final verdict:

This is a great wallet if you’re looking for a customized option down to the very finest detail. Having this option is great but is the wallet good enough as a stand alone piece? Does the novelty of having a product made to your liking good enough to spend $60 on? I’m torn. Its design is nice and functionality impeccable, but as far as finding a wallet goes that meets my specific needs better options exist. If I want a wallet with RFID or a coin zip slot I can just find one without having a specifically customised kit wallet. Apart from novelty value and a sense of doing something different and unique I got from buying this wallet, I don’t think the core design is good enough to consider its high price tag.

Posted by James