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Top 5 Leather Wallets for Men

The 5 Top Leather Wallets for Men in 2017

When you’re in need of updating your wallet you can’t go wrong with traditional leather. Leather Wallets have been made from leather for centuries and it continues to be the very top material despite the massive surge in Elastic, Metal or even Wood. As the number 1 website for wallets, we’ve had the opportunity to review hundreds of leather wallets and have managed to narrow them down to our top  5 (it wasn’t easy). This list may change in the near future and we’ll make sure to keep you all updated with our top wallets going forward (2017 and beyond)! So here it is! Our top very different and distinct leather wallets.

The Very Best in Leather Wallets


1. Nodus Hifold

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We’re a big believer in quality and style here at minimalistwallets.org. This is why we’ve rated the amazing Nodus Hifold as one of our top wallets. While being made from top grain leather, and with a variety of unique features, the Hifold takes the award for the best rendition of the traditional Bifold. If you’re looking for a new wallet but also wan’t the style of a traditional looking bi-fold then the Nodus Hifold might be for you. Check out our full review of the Nodus right here.


dun brown

2. Dun Wallet

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This Kickstarter success story has been one of my favorite leather wallets for along time. Made out of a soft calf leather, the dun combines a ultra slim profile while providing a variety of seamless ways to store both cash and cards. The Dun is available in a small selection of colours in both standard and RFID versions. For our full review of this amazing leather wallet click here!


3. Distil Union Wally Euro

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The Distil Union range is always one to look out for. With an array of patented features, quick access slots and innovative quirks the Distil Union range, more specifically the Wally Euro, is a wallet which really packs a punch. While the Euro might not be the smallest wallet you’ll ever see its amazing design and feel along with everything else we’ve mentioned really makes it stand out for the crowd. If you wan’t something robust that will last a lifetime the Wally Euro might be for you. Our full review can be accessed here.


4. Disc Wallet

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This wallet offers you the best leather money can buy at a really affordable price. Not only that but the disc has some pretty unique functionality including its way of storing coins with individual elastic slots. When taking into consideration its size, features and cost the Disc, on paper, has it all! Is this Disc wallet right for you? Check out our full review here.

apollo sitting

5. Andar Apollo

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Our final wallet on our list is the slim Andar Apollo. This wallet has a rustic look that we really like, along with amazing functionality throughout. With multiple quick access slots, and a money clip style way of holding and accessing notes, the Apollo is a great balance between style and functionality. For our full review click here.