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Leffot – The Fold Wallet Review

When you look at this wallet on paper or even in pictures it’s easy to come to the conclusion it looks nothing like a wallet. The Leffot wallet is unique in the fact it’s simply, at its core, a huge slab of leather which you have to fold into the wallet. Weird yes. But there’s something quite striking and memorising about using a wallet like this.

When your forced to fold the wallet up yourself it gives you a sense of fun in the fact you get to fold your wallet up like a some mountaineer on some epic adventure. Silly I know after all it’s just a wallet but it’s the little differences that something as insignificant in life can bring, such a what wallet you own, can make you happy.


The Two different types of Leffot

The Leffot wallet comes in two very similar types. The first being the smaller more compact “Fold – Large” version. This comes in at  2.5″ x 3.5″ when folded, fits all international currencies plus a credit card or two. The smaller version, on the other hand, comes in at 2.5″ x 2.75″ folded, and only fits U.S. Dollars. The Leffot small should be considered more of a money clip as it doesn’t really have the capacity, nor the dimensions to carry credit or debit cards. Just something to keep in mind.


The functionality of the wallet is very basic. The wallet is a cash storage device and it does it very well. The wallet is very secure, but remember it does the smaller version of the wallet doesn’t store credit or debit cards at all. Accessing cash is really rather run. By unfolding the two side panels you can simply side the sided bank note from the wallet for easy access.

Look and appearance

The best way I can describe the shape of the Leffot wallet is by comparing it to a Tetris Block. But a more readily known description would simply be the letter “T” when unfolded. Being handcrafted from just a single piece of Horween shell cordovan leather it really does excel in its premium look and quality. The leather is thick, smells fantastic and really ties the whole simplistic design and minimalist look together.

Both versions of the wallet come in 3 colours total. A dark shade of brown known as “colour 8”, black called “ink” and a light brown or tan colour called “natural”. These simplistic and honestly typical colours look attractive, nice and vibrant and help enhance the premium feel this wallet provides.

Final Verdict

A fascinating wallet with uniqueness and personality. Its great for people who wan’t something different and still rely heavily on physical cash. That being said I can’t really recommend this wallet as it fails to allow the storage of cards which is a must for any wallet these days. And at a Hefty $100 – 125 depending on the version its not cheap. For more information on the Leffot wallet visit their website today!

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