Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet | The First Wallet Made from 100% Toilet Paper


Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet | Is this the Best Minimalist Wallet Money Can Buy?

Never have I ever come across a wallet so great. So Fantastic that the search for the perfect minimalist wallet might just be over. Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet. 

I’m sure you’ve all been in that dreaded situation when you take a massive shit only to find you’re out of toilet paper. As you sit there, contemplating life, wouldn’t it be great if you’d have a wallet so in-tune with the human body it acts to aid its functions in anyway it can. Thats what the Loo Poo does. Simply pull that wallet out and wipe, flush and you’re good to go!


The last thing to note about the Loo Poo is it’s amazing 2-PLY genuine toilet paper construct. With added strength this wallet has the potential to last a lifetime! The only gripe I have about the wallet is its seems to smell quite weird after a while. I can’t quite pinpoint where the smell comes from but after 1 month of daily usage it can be quite… pungent to say the least. Just something to note.

The Loo Poo Minimalist Wallet is available for the incredibly cheap price of £69! For more information regarding the Loo Poo and to purchase yours today click here!

Act fast while stocks last!

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