Dynomighty: Mighty Wallet: Quick Review

The Mighty Wallet: Does Paper Stand the Test of Time?

The mighty wallet; a paper made entirely from a highly durable material called Tyvek is one of the more unusual wallets I’ve reviewed with mixed emotions whether this wallet is worth your time or money.

Positives & Negatives

Let’s start with the positives. The mighty wallet is fantastically slim, comes in a huge range of unique and stylistic designs as well as being available at a very reasonable price. The wallet really excels from a design perspective with the wallet being folded to shape without the use of any adhesive to hold it together. Cool but kind of anti-functional. If I really wanted I could simply pull the entire wallet apart returning it to a single piece of paper. This in itself was an issue for me as I found myself handling the wallet very tentatively as to not break it. Another reason for this was the way 2 of the main cardholders or sleeves provided no tension and grip when holding the cards. Because of this, the cards fall out really easily and at times I’ve found the cards dropping out in public situations. Not ideal.

dynomighty wallet

Look & Feel

Next, we move onto the material. Made from a paper-like material called Tyvek that has the appearance and thinness of paper, yet is a lot strong and smoother to the touch. Because of this mighty wallet is incredibly slim and beats the majority of other minimalist wallets in this category. As mentioned earlier because it can be printed this allows for many different and unique designs that you wouldn’t normally be able to produce with your typical leather wallet. From full real images to beautifully drawn abstract art the range of designs with the mighty wallet is fantastic and really allows you to pick a design that best suits your personality. Hopefully, in the future, the option to upload and fully customise your own wallet with your own images will be a realistic option.  The wallet feels decent in the hand and pocket and provides sufficient space for a large variety of cards and cash sizes.

mighty wallet open

Final Verdict

All in all, I would stay clear of the mighty wallet. Although the range of designs is great I find its functionality severely lacks in very basic ways while not living up to the potential of a wallet made entirely from paper. Although coming in at a very reasonably priced $15.00 I wouldn’t personally recommend this wallet. While other better paper wallets exist I feel paper wallets, in general, have yet to explore their true potential. Hopefully, this is something which we’ll see in the near future.

For more information and to check out the range visit the might wallet website here.

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