The NERO Reversible Bifold Wallet | Review & Overview

A Nero Review – The Wallet with a few Screws Loose.

Never in my life would I think I’d come across a leather wallet held together by screws.  The Nero Reversible Wallet is exactly this and takes a clever design to the next level. What makes the Nero Reversible stand out is its scope for customization. With a whole host of 2 colour variations to choose from the NERO can effectively reverse itself almost folding inside out to have what was the then dominate outside colour on the inside and releasing the new inside colour on the outside. You could say you get 2 wallets in 1 with the NERO as a distinct colour change can make it feel like a whole new wallet. Take a look at the video below which shows how you change the wallets colour with the screws (in no more than 2 minutes).

Screws in. Screws out.

The durability of the NERO is one of the highest I’ve ever come across in a wallet not specifically made for that purpose. Its full grain Nappa Italian leather provides for a strong bold look. What makes the NERO different is its very rigid and textured look. The wallet is essentially weaved which gives a crosshatched appearance (see below), and I’m honestly on the fence to whether I like this or not from its feel and its look. It feels quite unpleasant in the hand with an almost rough texture with an almost plasticky feel. Imagine bending a Tupperware lid. It’s quite malleable in the hand yet has a hard feel to it.  I’m honestly not a fan of that. But remember to Keep in mind this wallet does comes in a few different leather texture types if you’d like a more traditional leather look and feel.

wallet nero

Functionality and usability

What the Nero does excel in is a good range of functionality with the ability to hold up to 8 cards. Being fairly tall (w) the wallet has enough room to accommodate most currencies as well as a handy middle cut out for each note access. Another consideration when looking to purchase this wallet is its size. Although labelled as a “minimalist” wallet on their website it’s actually very large coming in at 9.2 (w) x 10.3 (h) when closed. This is comparable to most standard sized traditional bi-fold wallets, so I personally wouldn’t consider this slim as it’s not on the same level as say the Krabby or TGT wallet. This makes the wallet feel quite large in the pocket (not what I’m used to) and clunky to take out and put back. Look below for my wallet size comparisons.

nero bifold

Final Verdict

The Nero Bifold has its fair share of underlying issues. Never the less that doesn’t mean it’s not a capable and does have some nice versatility to it. This along with its colour change uniqueness could mean the NERO could be a fantastic wallet for you.  Get the Nero bifold on sale today at only $28 (as of 1/6/2017).

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