Nero Minimalist Wallet Review

The Nero Wallet: The True Definition of Minimalism

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Sometimes I like to browse handmade sites for feet’s of inspiration, looking for my next favourite wallet. Etsy an eCommerce site dedicated to selling handmade goods is one of the best and most well know. The Nero wallet is one of those wallets and it immediately caught my interest. Since the beginning of my minimalist wallet venture, I’ve always had an image within my mind what I would design if I were to create my own wallet. Although not perfect the Nero wallet really hits the mark and looks pretty much what I imaged so I had to get it.


As always you’d be comprising its size the more cards you stuff in it, but the fact it even has the potential to store 20 cards is amazing especially because of its miniature size coming in at 9cm/3.55″ x 6cm/2.36″ x 0.7cm/0.28″ is fantastic.

Look & Feel 

Made from thick durable leather the Nero has an essence of both elegance and sturdiness. It’s square and uniform appearance makes it one of my favourites in design. Over time Nero’s durability doesn’t seem to lessen. I’ve used the Nero for months at a time and it shows how good the build quality really is. Nero also offers free personalization options in which you can have up to 4 characters engraved on the leather. This is fantastic for those looking for something a little different.


Although a little confusing on the first appearance the Nero wallet has a range of varying slots coming from the top bottom and sides. Each slot can accommodate a large variety of different cards and cash, giving no restrictions for which can be used for what. Because of these slots, the wallet has the potential to store 20 cards + additional items like cash or receipts.

The slots are tight giving a great sense of security while the range of gives great organisation options allowing you to bundle related cards together and easily remember which card is where. This is opposed to most minimalist wallets which simply have all cards bundled within one slot which make navigation of the cards difficult at times. One of the only issues I have with the wallet is related to its storage. Taking out cards can be a bit of a pain at times due to its very tight fit. The more cards you stick in one individual slot the harder it becomes to actually take out the cards in.



The Nero wallet is modestly priced coming in at $25 (or £16.50). This is a highly attractive price and the wallet lives up to my expectation given it’s cheaper price compared to other wallets. For more information on the wallet check out Nero out at, or purchase your Nero directly from our new store!

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Posted by James