Nero Wallet | Revisited Review

A revisited review of the Nero Slim Wallet. Does this Wallet stand the test of time?

The Folks at Nero have been kind enough to send me a whole host of new versions of their fantastic Nero wallets. The first time I reviewed Nero was almost 3 years ago and to this day it stands up as one of my favourite all round minimalist wallets. Let’s take another look at what makes the Nero wallet so good.


Look & Feel

One of the things that originally drew me to the Nero was its attractive and simplistic appearance. With its top leather and almost square look, not to mention the huge variety of colours, the Nero had me sold. Since then various other Nero wallets have been released made from a variety of different materials from suede leather through to the more unusual Denim.

One great thing about the Nero is its customisation options. Not only does it come in a huge range of colours and materials but Nero also offers free letter engravings up to 4 characters. This adds some uniqueness to each wallet and is also great for gifts. Nero were nice enough to emboss my name on the wallets which is fantastic.


The Nero wallet is a complete plethora of open orifices in which you can stick any number of cards or cash. Regardless of what direction you come at it (apart from the bottom), it has a slot, if not multiple slots, for you to use. This makes the Nero’s functionality faultless for a wallet of its size. The Nero can hold up to

Since my original review, the functionality of the Nero hasn’t changed much. The only new addition to the wallet is a smaller, secret, an inner slot located at the very top of the wallet and used for notes or coins. The slot works perfectly for smaller items such as keys and works well with the Q Tracker, which Nero very generously included when they send me the wallets. A full review on this coming soon.

Final Verdict

The Nero, even after 3 years, is still one of the coolest yet simplest wallets to use. With an attractive design, heaps of functionality all within a compact minimalist wallet its hard not to see the appeal of the Nero. And starting at only $19.99 it’s damn right affordable. For more information and purchase the Nero wallet visit our store using the link below.

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