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Nodus Compact Wallet Review

nodus wallet

The Nodus Compact Wallet. The Right Size. The Right Functionality.

The Nodus Compact is a fantastic little wallet. What a lot of wallet manufacturers fail on is the basic principle of size in relation to the wallets potential functionality. This means that as the wallet gets smaller the wallets functions or features also get smaller. The key to a good wallet (in my opinion) is a good balance between size and functionality. I believe the Nodus Compact Wallet does this to near perfectly. Let take a look at the wallet in more depth.


The Nodus wallet has a range of features from your standard card pockets through to the unique quick access, slot and key holder. With 2 slots on the front for cards and one rear facing quick access. The quick access slot works seamlessly while the standard card slots provide easy access and a tight fit (that’s what she said).

The centrally located area is for your cash. Due to the compact size of the wallet, it requires you to fold the notes at least once first before storing, but this isn’t much of an issue. Also included within this middle section is a cleverly placed key slot, room for a single key. This small slit within the inside leather is really well hidden but is also a wallet feature I never knew I wanted (or needed). The Nodus Compact allows for a maximum of 4 cards but can accommodate more with a sqeeze.

Nodus Compact

Look & Feel

Made from a Full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather (that’s a mouthful) the Nodus really has a classy, clean and authentic look to it. Combined this with its smooth texture and superb smell the Nodus really does excel in making heads turn.  One slight issue I found was the potential durability of the wallet’s leather. Although the stitching and build quality are top-notch, at the end of my first day of use I did find a medium sized scratch to the wallets surface although this could have simply been down to my own carelessness. Never the less this is something I will keep an eye out for just in case it wasn’t a one-off anomaly.

Nodus Compact Wallet


After using the Nodus as my “daily wallet” for around 4 weeks I can firmly say it’s a fantastic wallet to use in practice. Notes are easy to access and cards a quick and easy to take and put back. The wallets build quality remains constant with no sign of wear around the seams or edges, with only a few lights scuffs to the leather exterior (as explained above).

Final Verdict

An excellent slim wallet with a fantastic size and great functionality. If your the type of person who wants a great compromise between a small wallet, a traditional leather feel, and great all round features then this is for you. For more information on the Nodus Compact visit here website here or on social media.


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