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Nodus Hifold Wallet | Review


Is the Nodus Hifold the Perfect Bifold?

A good rhyme or an utter crime? The Nodus Hifold is a modern take on the classic Bifold. From the outside, it looks like nothing new. But as soon as you delve into the intricacies of what the wallet has to offer you soon realise this is a whole new kettle of… Octopus (Joke explained).  So let’s go on an adventure together and take a damn good look at what makes the Nodus worth your money.

Look & Feel

The Nodus Hifold is a beautiful wallet. Made from Full grain vegetable tanned leather the quality that expels from this wallet is incredible and it has the smell to match. The wallet is currently available in 4 colours. Chestnut Brown, Ebony Black, Dark Teal and Taupe Grey. The good folks at Nodus sent me the Dark Teal to review and it doesn’t disappoint. I’ve never owned a green wallet before and although it takes some getting used to it looks great.

Now some might say the Hifold looks a little generic, and in a sense it definitely is. The wallet doesn’t try to be something it’s not. It’s not made from metal. It doesn’t have a fancy pattern. The type of person who’d enjoy the Hifold is the type of person who doesn’t really want a minimalist wallet. But what he does want is something more. A slightly smaller maybe! But once that takes the traditional bifold and revolutionises it for the better.


In a nutshell, the Hifold is a pleasure to use. The main selling point of this wallet is its wonderful array of classic and unique features that it holds. The wallet hosts room for up to 13 cards and holds notes in a traditional long note slot. The wallet also has a few bonus features including room for a key, secret card slots dotted around the wallet, and the quick access slot comprising of a nifty pull tab. They all work to spec and have yet to find any issues. A Great all rounder!


The pull tab in action!


I used the Nodus Hifold for two weeks before I handed it to my father who was also looking for a new bifold. Together we both found the wallet easy to use with very little concerns regarding the accessibility of cards, bulking or card slippage. The only point I’ll add is regarding the size. Coming in at 100 x 85 mm (closed) the wallet borders with what people consider minimalist. Personally, I wouldn’t class this as a minimalist wallet. Never the less the wallet is smaller than most traditional bifold and its size really doesn’t deter from what the wallet has to offer.

Final Verdict

A great all round wallet for those who want the traditional Bifold feel made modern. Coming in at a pretty steep £69.99 ($87.00) you have to be sure this is what you really want before you commit.  For more information check out Nodus here.

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