Nomatic Wallet Review & Spotlight

The Nomatic BASICS Wallet Review

The Nomatic BASIC’s wallet is an ultra slim elastic minimalist wallet first funded on Kickstarter in 2014 raising $383,000. Along with its thin design the Normatic offers a small range of key functionality which really helps set itself apart from other slim wallets of simular designs.

nomatic basics

Style & Material

In general the normatic is nothing special when it comes to its look and feel. Made from a rugid elastic like canvas material the strength and durability does quite well but does damper its overall ashthetic apperance. The rugid texture provides for a fairly poor and unpleasant feel, while its mismatched shape and ununiformed stiching provides a ugly appearnace. Never the less this wallets ashetics is down to individual perference. If your are looking for more functionality and affordability over its style them i’d say this wallet might be for you.

nomatic wallet


What the Nomatic really excels in is its great functionality wrapped up in a small design (something thats very difficult to do). While the wallet does use a “card stacking” system for card storgage it gets around this issue quite well by providing a pull tab system for easy access to cards. Along with this it also has a seprate area for your most used card which is handly for quick debit or credit card transactions.

Final Verdict

Apart from that, though, the Nomatic is a very simplistic minimalist wallet. It doesn’t excel in anything in particular nor does it fail in anything either. At a very affordable price ($19.99) and with a reputable brand name in its favour there’s no reason why the Nomatic wallet couldn’t find its way in your pocket sometime soon. For more information on this wallet check out their website here, or on social media. Normatic also offer a refund guarentee so this type of wallet doesn’t fit the bill, you can always get a 100% refund. Because of this i’d recommend this wallet for those new to the minimalist wallet world and are looking to try something smaller.

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