5 things you shouldn’t keep in your Wallet


5 Items you Shouldn’t Keep in Your Wallet

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Sometimes its tempting, or seems logical to keep certain things in your wallet as means of connivence. But most of the time some things can be less than safe to keep in your wallet and its these items which should be avoided at all costs. Avoid theft, damage and loss and prioritise your daily carry whether your at work or going on a night out. Below are my list of 5 things which you should probably keep at home, or somewhere else, instead of your wallet.

Are any of these in your Wallets Every Day Carry?

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Although not many people use checks anymore, chances are if you are using them its for a specific reason and one which has a lot of money involved. Best to just leave any large checks at home and when you do plan to cash them in take them straight to the bank without hesitation.

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(Too many) Credit and Debit Cards

I know that feeling of cramming your wallet with as many platinum, or gold credit or debit cards as possible, only to use the same card day in, day out. If you have many cards, but only use 1 or 2 leave the rest at home. It won’t only protect them from thieves but will also drastically slim down your wallet. You’ll be surprised by how much 1 extra card will make to the size of your wallet.

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Large amounts of Cash

Sometimes it feels good to carry that fat stack everywhere you go. But I wouldn’t recommend carrying anymore than $30 – $50 with you at any one time. Although no official research has been done its suggested that around 1,000 purses and wallets are stolen every two minutes in the U.S. That adds up to around 300,000 wallets stolen every year. You might not think it’ll ever happen to you, but when it does you’ll be glad that $500 cash is safe at home and not in your wallet.

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The guys at Durex answered this one for me. Condoms should be stored in a cool dry place. Your wallet soaks up your natural body heat so it doesn’t really qualify. Wallets are also quite tight (thats what she said) and the continuous action of opening and closing your wallet can provide additional ware and tear on the condom. Not ideal on an item trying to prevent children.


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