ooNA KORD Wallet | Review & Overview


ooNA KORD Wallet Review | Attractiveness at an affordable price 

There’s not a lot I can really say about the ooNA wallet as it’s core functionality is rather simple. The main reason for considering this wallet is it’s unique design. Although it’s quite subtle and wouldn’t be difficult to replicate. I’m of course talking about the elasticated band which runs down the ooNA wallet which is presented in an attractive zigzag pattern. This band is not just for looks and serves as additional storage capabilities for cash and cards. This band can act as a tight pocket to store both cash and cards and is very tight on first impressions with little worry of items being lose.


Design & Variants

The oona wallet is available in a variety of different colours, materials and patterns and it’s range really stand out compared to other wallets. While being available in leather (black or brown) the ooNA also comes in a wood colour and that branches into a variety of different designs engraved into the wood. A really nice touch that provides that added personalisation that many people strive for in their wallet. 

The design is the strongest point of the wallet for me. I really like its clean look and pattern while maintaining a balance between that and a minimalist appearance. I like to think if Apple Inc released a wallet then they would design something very similar to the KORD. Thats quite a compliment if I do say so myself.

Usability & Practicality

The ooNA KORD’s slim size really inhibits the overall functionality of the wallet. If you’re looking for a wallet jam packed with features then look elsewhere. The KORD is a true minimalist wallet and you get exactly that. In total the wallet can hold up to 3-4 cards. Some might say thats a little low but in for the minimalist lover out their its the perfect number of cards. 

Final Verdict

An attractive wallet with a satisfactory level of functionality. If you’re looking for a cheap reliable minimalist wallet then you can do a lot worst than the KORD. And at only $20 I feel it’s an absolute steal. The KORD should be a wallet for those who wan’t a great design with minimalism at its heart. The wallet doesn’t do much in the way of functionality but it isn’t trying to. For more information and to buy your KORD visit the ooNA Studio website here.

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