Orchill Hemlock Wallet | Review

Orchill Hemlock Wallet – A Compact Coin Accommodating Wallet

The Orchil Hemlock is a wallet that tries to do it all. I like to compare the wallet to the likes of a pentathlon. Someone who’s great at a range of sports but are by no means the best at each event. Card slots? Check. Coin Pouch? Check. Small compact size? Check again. The wallet crams all these important and sometimes unseen features and packs them all in a compact little wallet.


Look & Appearance

It’s no secret that Orchil’s range of wallets are very attractive with unique colours, designs and imprints. The Orchill Hemlock Wallet is no exception to this. With its split colour designs and range of complementary colours I find it very hard to criticise their outwards appearance. The wallets design hosts a compact look with card slots cascading around the wallet. What makes the wallet unique is the coin slot that lies as a definitive feature on the wallet. This is a fantastic addition to the wallet. It’s easy to use, spacious and can hold much more than just a few coins.


The Hemlock has a nice range of functionality and can hold up to 6 cards. Cards are easy to access, with a strong secure fit. The coin slot (as mentioned previously) works very well and is a fantastic addition to any wallet. One niggling issue is the wallets lack of dedicated note storage. This requires notes to either be folded into the coin slot (preferred) or, again, folded into one of the credit/debit card slots. Not ideal in the slightest.

As for its build quality, I find Orchil wallets increasingly satisfactory. The material feels on the poorer side while the thread and stitching can sometimes be uneven and untidy. Never the less the quality does differ from wallet to wallet so it might be a one-off case on my part. Just something to keep in mind.


The Hemlock by Orchill is a nice all around wallet with very little to criticise. If you’re crazy about coins but also plan on slimming down, you could do a lot worst than the Orchill Hemlock. Available for $44.99 grab yours today from Orchill.com.



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