Orchill Wallet Brand


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Built on Style

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Orchill Wallets can be defined as a Jack of all trades. The huge variety of wallets available cover all areas from highly slim minimalist wallets through to your typical bi-folds. What really makes them different is their designs. While using a unique pallet of colours and patterns. Orchill was founded in 2012 as an answer to the lack of functional slim wallets on the market. This was around the same time minimalist wallets exploded onto the scene with the success of many Kickstarter campaigns. Orchill wanted to create a classy brand while adding their own flair to the mix. With 50 different wallets and a global audience they’ve really impressed people throughout the years and continue to innovative going forward.

The philosophy behind Orchill is simple: if you put out a high-quality product, people will buy it. So we always use top-shelf, full-grain leather. Nothing fake or PVC. At the same time, nothing too up itself. Our biggest inspiration is our audience: a man with style who knows what he likes. Simplicity and luxury, without clutter. Our company mission is the same: steady growth through quality, not hype. Nothing superfluous. Just the essentials. I’ve personally only had the opportunity to review a few of their wallets but more will come in the future and I can’t wait to see where Orchill go in the near future.