OWL Trifold Wallet

HOOT HOOT. Introducing the Owl Wallet made in Japan.

One of my objectives with my website is to bring wallet manufacturers from across the world into the limelight. The way culture shapes different wallet designs completely intrigue me, and it’s bringing awareness to these wallets, so we can all enjoy them not matter where in the world they’re made. The Owl Wallet, made in Japan, is one of these wallets.

The Owl is a handmade Trifold wallet. The wallet was made with the aim to be being light, small and easy to use and comes in a range of unique colours. With its cute owl logo, it’s not difficult to see this why this wallet comes from Japan as mascots, along with their affiliation with Anime and Manga play a big part in companies branding and culture. Let’s take a closer look at the owl wallet has to offer in more detail.

owl wallet

Look & Feel

The Owl uses a usual material known as X-PAC. This rubber-like material most notably distinguished by its triangular patternation is fairly thin, yet very strong. I couldn’t find any more information regarding this material online but in person, its feels nice, looks attractive and has a unique appearance I’ve never seen in a wallet before.  Overall I’d say the material is very nice to look at but does have an unusual feel in the hand being slightly rough in texture.


The Owl has a lot of functionality for what you get. With multiple areas for easy card access, a traditional long notes slot and a dedicated coin pouch (secured with Velcro) it offers everything you’d need from a functionality standpoint. The wallet also comes with a rubber band which is used the secure the wallet and fix it in place when it is closed. Something, again, I’ve never really come across in western wallets and although it takes a bit of getting used to it does the job well.

Left or right handed wallets?

One interesting point to note is Owl offer a wallet dubbed as “for left-hand users only“. This is something I’ve never come across before in a wallet and might be something

Final Verdict

This wallet is unique, has a certain stylistic choice which many people will love (and some with hate). Its material and overall design is something I’ve never really come across before and it a breath of fresh air. I think the Owl is a lovely little wallet and would highly recommend the wallets who are looking for something different. Coming in at a price of 4,500 YEN (that’s $40) you can purchase the Owl from their website here.

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