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The Best 5 Money Clip’s for your daily needs

 The 5 Best Money Clips 2017 I wouldn’t really consider myself a money clip man in general. But I’m always up for trying something new so I set it my goal to buy a bunch of clips and try them all out over a month. I went through the lot and here are my top […]

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ezgo wallet

ezgo Wallet Review

The Ezgo Wallet – A Futuristic Design with an Abundance of Features The ezgo wallet is a strange one. It’s a study almost industrial looking wallet. With intricate details, it looks like someone’s taken a slab of plastic and engraved a bunch of lines, and contours to create, in my opinion, a distinctive and attractive […]

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Orchill Hemlock Wallet | Review

Orchill Hemlock Wallet – A Compact Coin Accommodating Wallet The Orchil Hemlock is a wallet that tries to do it all. I like to compare the wallet to the likes of a pentathlon. Someone who’s great at a range of sports but are by no means the best at each event. Card slots? Check. Coin Pouch? […]

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Dixtinta Wallet | Review & Overview

The Dixtinta Wallet – A Unique Wallet with a Unique Style If I could describe the Dixtinta Wallet in one it would be “idiosyncratic” or “exotic”. When you see the Dixtinta in person it’s no surprise really, as it does have a distinct and individualist look you’ll never see in any other wallet. With a range of […]

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allett Slim Original Wallet

Allett Slim Original Wallet – Adventure Every Day Allett wallets offer a unique take on the traditional Bifold wallet with emphasis on both style and functionality in the outdoors. Allet’s motto is “adventure every day” and I can see why. Their flagship wallet, the slim original, is brimming with cool features and an unusual layout with […]

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Wallet Giveaway | March 2017 | And the Winners are…

Another month rolls around and we’ve got our biggest giveaway yet courtesy of Orchill Wallets. Instead of giving away just 1 we’ve got 3 wallets up for grabs. But before we announce the winners let look back at February and sum up some of our plans going forward in 2017. Wallet Store We’ve been having […]

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