supr slim wallet blue

Supr. Slim Wallet | Review

Supr. Slim Wallet Review | The Super Simple Minimalist Wallet The Supr. Slim Wallet is probably one of the simplest wallet I’ve come across. With the Supr. what you see is what you get. A small folder of

e8 minimal wallets

E8 Elephant Minimalist Wallet Review: Nothing but Elastic

Small, Cheap but Build Like an Elephant.  Inexpensive yet functional. The E8 (E standing for Elephant) minimalist wallet has storage for notes, cards and amazingly coins. So how does the E8 compare to other slim

ainste evan wallet

Ainste Evan Wallet Review

Ainste Evan Wallet Review The Evan Wallet is a small compact billfold which comprises of a long thick piece of leather which folds in the middle and secured by an elasticated band in the middle. The

kit wallet

The Kit Wallet Review

The kit with Ultimate Customisation. The Kit Minimalist wallet is by a far the wallet with the most customization options on the market. Whether or not you want a slot for cards, keys or both

Close up of Fusion Wallet 2 Oak Wood

Fusion Wallet Review: The Wooden & Metal Wonder

What Makes the Fusion Wallet so Great? This wallet truly is a spectacle to behold. Handcrafted from quality aluminium and a variety of hardwood’s the wallet is a true alternative to the traditional billfold we’re used to.

tgt wallet midnight blue brown

TGT Wallet Review

TGT Wallet – Elegant, Clean with Great Functionality The TGT (pronounced “tight”) Wallet is another success story from Kickstarter. The wallet was designed by Jack Sutter and defines itself as an alternative to traditional wallets reducing bulk.

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