KKMC Micro Belgravia Wallet | Review & Unboxing



The Cool, Stylish and Slim Metal Wonder. Introducing the Micro Belgravia Wallet

The Micro Belgravia Wallet by KKMC Designs is one of those wallets which is so incredibly attractive you almost don’t want to use it. It’s like when your unboxing your new smartphone and you can’t bring yourself to peel of the plastic film as to not destroy its pure beauty. I dabble, but the point stands that the first thing that attracted me to this wallet was its amazing look. Its smooth intricate design and range of pure colours.

The Original Micro Wallet was first seen as a Kickstarter project around this time in 2015. It astonishingly raised a staggering amount amounting to over £74,000 (or $93K). This is probably the most money i’ve ever seen raised by a single wallet and it just goes to show how attractive it design really is. Let’s take a further in-depth look of its predecessor, the Belgravia, and what this new version has to offer when funding commences very soon! 


Look & Appearance  

As mentioned before my main attractive towards this wallet is its stunning design and pure feat of engineering. Its smooth, contoured, aluminium body and soft touch strap will have you seduced from the moment you open the box. Much like other ultra slim wallets the Belgravia barely measure anything at all. In fact its edges completely line up that of a credit card making it no bigger than one. A great sign for minimalist lovers. The inside is embedded with a soft touch nylon material. We’ll get into its hollow middle once we talk about its features but the material is high quality, looks good and very resistant.

The Belgravia also comes in a range of attractive colours. Think the type of colours you might expect Apple Inc to bring out in their next range of iPhones. I personally got, my favourite, the Black model but the wallet’s also available in Gunmetal Grey, Gold and Silver. A nice but small range of colours to stay in tune with the wallets classy appearance.


I thought i’d specifically mention the packaging of this wallet. Again KKMC know how to form a brand with identity, style and class which activity make your want to buy anything they offer. Now apart from the sheer wastage of material and it’s probably huge carbon footprint the packaging of the Belgravia shows intricate designs, beautifully designed manuals and boxes within boxes! Don’t believe me? Check out our unboxing video for the full breakdown.

Functionality & Usability

It’s no lie that minimalist wallets can have issues regarding how well they function. It didn’t take that long for me to realise that the Micro was exceptional at a number of things that minimalist wallets usually struggle with.

For example the Micro Belgravia has a very highly quality elasticated band which secures around 3 – 6 cards easily. What I found refreshing about this wallet was the material itself which was stretchy, a good tension and have good friction against the cards. This meant cards can’t and won’t easy slide out. Another plus is the way the Micro allows for coin storage something I don’t think i’ve ever seen in a wallet so thin. The arched and curved design is intentional to create a small inwards groove or compartment. This creates the perfect area for easy coin storage big enough for a small handful of change. Once your cards have been slid in the coins are secure from falling out by your credit/debit cards and you can access them like the opening and closing of a drawer. A really ingenious way of solving a common problem.


Here are some of the main differences between the Original Micro and new Belgravia:

  • A larger Strip improved from 20mm to 25mm.
  • A double larger strap for easy storage of both cards and notes.
  • Inbuilt RFID technology.
  • Changed and rearranged attachments to provide additional space.

Final Verdict

A great minimalist wallet with a great array of features and one of the most attractive designs i’ve seen in awhile. A timeless design, a modern design, RFID technology and all for what is a fantastic price! If you’re looking for a metal wallet then I can highly recommend the KKMC Micro Belgravia Wallet. Click here for more information regarding the wallet and support them on Kickstarter today.

DUN FOLD Wallet | Review & Unboxing



The Dun Fold Wallet | The Newest Wallet in Minimalist Design

After the incredible success of the last and original Dun Wallet (check out my review of that wallet here) the guys are back with their brand new minimalist wallet the Dun Fold. Currently being funded on Kickstarter the DUN fold has already caught the eyes of many people with it’s incredible thinness and capabilities to store a lot for it’s size. I’ve been luckily enough the try the Dun Fold out over the last few weeks and have been very impressed from start to finish. Here is my full review of the Dun fold.

Look and appearance

The duns name derives from the fact it’s design is based on a two fold mechanism much like the opening of some double doors. What immediately caught my eye was how thin this wallet is. Even when it’s folded the Dun is still thinner than, say, 70% of wallets on the market today. The fold is made from a very smooth and soft top-grain leather. It really doesn’t skimp on its material and is overall build quality shows day after day. After 3 weeks the wallets shown no visible wear or tear. Although I can’t comment on its longevity I feel confident this is a wallet for life.

Much like the other dun wallets the fold goes for a very sleek striped back approach using black, white and silver accents very nicely in it’s design and branding.



The fold uses a very clever way of storing cash; probably must most favorite way for any wallet ever. It uses a sliding slot mechanism on the main body of the wallet. By simply sliding notes under this the tight seal along with the folding design means you cash is not only secure but very easy to access with just an opening of a single fold. Check out my video above, if you haven’t already, for more information on how well the Dun Fold stores cash. In terms of the duns card storage is takes a similar approach to that of the previous dun wallet.

The Dun Fold also comes with RFID Protection. If you feel conscious regarding the possibility of having your cards skimmed. This pocket secures 1-2 cards against RFID skimming. The RFID pocket is cleverly t is positioned in the centre of the wallet so that the cards in the front and back pocket don’t interfere with each other. Just another reason example of how well this wallet is designed.



In brief the Dun is very fun and easy to use. Notes are so easy to access and cards are stored at the very edges so access is a breeze. The Dun even solved the issues I had with the British £20 note (It wouldn’t fit) and now fits all international bill sizes without folding.

Final Verdict

A true gem in a sea of bland and boring wallets. I find the Dun Fold attractive, stylish, functional and best of all slim. If you’re ready to discover your next minimalist wallet the Dun Wallet should really be a consideration. For more information visit the Fold’s Kickstarter campaign or visit their website here.

Albert Lacreu ReWallet S | Review & Unboxing

Albert Lacreu

Albert Lacreu

Discover the ReWallet S by Albert Lacreu. Spanish Handmade Minimalism.

When somethings handmade you really get a sense of perspective. Wallets are by no means an uncommon occurrence in a world dominated with wallets left right and centre. The choice is endless really so when you do see small time handmade wallets crop onto the market it really makes you feel wan’t them to be good. Almost like your cheering the underdog in a race.

Although Albert Lacreu is by no means unknown (although I must admit I hadn’t heard of them) he is what this industry needs. Somebody who can innovative and keep the art of leather-craft to its routes. When I first unboxed one of the new wallets by Albert Lacreu I knew from the outset it was going to be good. The ReWallet S and its counterparts ReWallet L really encompass the real essence of innovative, style and design. So without further ado here is my full review of the ReWallet S.

Design & Appearance

The ReWallet S hosts a simplistic and minimalist design taking the shape of a typical rectangular card. Coming in at precisely XxXxX the wallet is a perfect size for minimalist lovers and doesn’t disappoint in its clear and sleek design. The leather is made from the very highest quality leather available in a medium toned brown tan colour. One thing to note regarding the leather is its thickness and overall quality. The smell right out of the box was mesmerising and the leather, stitching and craftsmanship second to none.


The great thing about the ReWallet is its array of functionality which comes in the form of two very effective quick access slots. These slots lie on both the top and side of the wallet and allow room for at least 3 cards each. Each of these slots welcomes a quick access pull tab which allows for easy access with just a simple pull. These tabs are very effective and cleverly designed.

In terms of note storage the ReWallet doesn’t include a dedicated slot. This might annoy some people as mixing cards and cash together isn’t the most effective or easy way to access your cash & cards. As someone who has always advocated against this. Nevertheless I don’t think this takes anything else away from the wallet but is something you should keep in mind.


Final Verdict

Albert Lacreu has created a very attractive, well built and functional wallet all within a compact minimalist design. One thing to note is the price of Albert Lacreu’s wallets. As a handmade brand these wallets are not cheap and reach prices of over $100. Nevertheless the wallet is great and you can check out the ReWallet here and the other wallets by Albert here.

Wallet Giveaway Winner! | June 2017

Are you this months winner?

This month we’ve been lucky enough to receive 3 wallets to giveaway in the form of the wonderful. These wallets are the fantastic Mark wallet by the guys at Modest Mark and they have created a great slim wallet.

modest mark brown

When we announce the winners we’ll send you a confirmation email within 1 week to confirm your shipping details so we can get the wallets over to you ASAP. Remember once your entered into our giveaway your in it for life! And between you and me we currently have less than 200 people signed up so i’d say your odds are pretty good (don’t tell a soul)! Click on the big icon in the right hand side panel to sign up if you haven’t already!

The winners are…

Aries Galindo!

Brandon T!

Atuonwu Desire!


Congratulations to all! Best of luck for next month. We’re still undecided on what our next wallet will be but stay tuned for more information on this!

Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition



Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition

1. Clic Wallet

When I first watched the promotional video for the Clic wallet I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but think that every time they “clicked” to open the wallet it resembled a banana opening up with the skin peeled back. Once I got over my hysterical laughing fit I managed to evaluate this wallets potential property and honestly think its quite cool.

It not only has the banana peel effect for storing and accessing your cards easily but is also made from a combination of polyester and elastic. I look forward to seeing this wallet in the future but for now i’m firmly on the fence. Click here for more information.

2. Fuze Card

While not exactly a wallet the Fuze Card does a great job and trying to replace your entire wallet in just a single card sized device. Currently the Fuze has had incredible crowdfunding success destroying its funding target of 50K by over 1000%. The Fuze claims you can holds up to 30 Credit, Debit, or Gift Cards on a single device. While being proven to work at retail locations worldwide its hard to really find any faults with the Fuze. My only concern would be the price but regardless i’m looking forward to this gem. Back today on IndieGoGo.

3. Zillion Wallet

What I really like about the Zillion (apart from the cool wallet) is their original and funny Kickstarter video that, honestly, kicks the ass of all the typical and generic advertising videos were used to. The guys did a really great job with the marketing there (see below) but the wallet isn’t to be overlooked either.

Recently i’ve began to see a lot of wallets start focusing on the ability to charge their phones on the move. This was a smart and honestly over due feature needed in wallets as smart phones get bigger and we have a bigger need for longer battery life. The Zillion does exactly that and in a nice subtle way. Grab your Zillion wallet today.


Although it may sound like a Pokemon the CHAARGO it does have an okay appearance with the capabilities of charing your phone. Unfortunately the CHAARGO is completely overshadowed by the Zillion which is more attractive, slimmer and with more functions. If the CHAARGO was just a little bit quicker of the mark then it could have done well, but at this moment I won’t be wasting my time here.

5. Arceo Wallet

The uniquest wallet on our list today. This futuristic looking Carbon fibre wallet takes static and ridged wallets to the next level. Usually with hard material wallets they suffer from the issues of an inflexible material. Luckily Arceo thought about this and made a very innovative and well thought out wallet. I like it a lot and wish them the best of luck!

Other Crowdfunding Wallets

  • Bee Case – Fun little phone case wallet. Another funny video.
  • Carbon Classic – A simple bifold made from Carbon Fibre. Done incredibly well on Kickstarter but I don’t see the appeal myself.
  • ZHIPI – Big travel wallet with a distinctive array of designs.

A-Slim Machete | Unboxing & Review



The A-Slim Machete. A True Combination of Material and Style.

A-Slim has always been a brand i’ve had in my own personal radar and this month I finally got my hands on a selection of their wallet offering. With a distinct eye for detail and a well thought out brand I went in with a gung-ho attitude and I wasn’t disappointed with the first wallet I decided to use.

Look & Feel

The A-Slim Machete is something of great beauty. It’s fundamental design and functionality is very simple in practice but what it excels in is it’s ease of use and amazing design, touch and feel. Designed like your traditional leather bi fold the material is something that stood out to me immediately. Being made from a soft touch leather material really gives it a premium look and feel. The material has unique and natural patina which, again, adds to it’s unique individuality as a wallet. The inside is also lined with a great rustic design which further adds to its attractive look. As far as designs go I find it hard to find something as attractive or well built.

The Machete is also available in a huge range of colours to satisfy all your customisation needs. As you can see I got my hands on the raw tan version but it also comes in 9 old colours ranging from green through to oxblood or mustard.


As for it’s functionality the A-Slim Machete goes back to the basics. With 4 individual slots for cards I found the machete can hold a maximum of 8 cards (2 cards per slot) although I found it best with 1 per slot or 4 total. The final feature is a long roomy back slot dedicated entirely for note storage. Since the A-Slim range is built in the UK it fits all currency types with ease with no issues. This is great for people who are still heavy carriers of physical cash as it provides ample room why still being a very slim wallet. All in all although the A-Slim Machete doesn’t bring any new or quick access features to the table it shouldn’t take away from a nice degree of functions in an attractive little package.


Final Verdict

The A-Slim is a great wallet an unique design that fails to compare to other leather bifolds. If you’re looking for the all singing and dancing wallet then the Machete probably isn’t for you. Nevertheless for a great price, built quality and size I think the A-Slim could be the perfect wallet for you.

For more information regarding the Machete please visit their website here or Facebook. Alternatively stay tuned for their other wallet reviews coming very soon.